Health Hazards Of Mobile Phone

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Health Hazards Of Mobile Phone

British researchers have tarnished the reputation of cell phones worldwide when they published the results of their tests with a swab on wireless devices. All heat from the phone, accumulated on our skin, our mouths or our pockets, briefcases or handbags where we put our cell phones, can create a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause a cold, an infection staphylococcal or even meningitis.

Health Hazards

But do not press the panic button! The presence of bacteria does not necessarily lead to infection just regularly clean the surface of your phone to keep it clean.

There is no doubt that a ringtone or unwelcome phone call can keep you awake all night, but cell phones can cause particularly insomnia.

Wireless signals

In a sleep study, it was found that participants exposed to wireless signals for three hours, took longer to fall into deep sleep another group not exposed to these signals. Some have also reported headaches. It could also be that the cell responsible for the sometimes grumpy teenagers because it was found that the excessive use of cell phones by teenagers tended to promote agitation and sleep disturbance.

While more of the spent minutes on cell phone decrease the sperm count. That at least is what reveals research published in the Journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Compared to other men, those who have the habit of talking on the phone more than 4 hours per day had an average number of sperm and lower also fewer viable sperm. Although this relationship is not excluded, these researchers are continuing their research to determine if electromagnetic radiation is the cause of this decline in sperm production or lifestyle factors and other professionals may be involved.

Use your cell phone only when absolutely necessary and prefer the landline if possible. Stay away from the phone. Even a few inches between your body and your phone may reduce the risk. Try the hands-free system, such as headphones or the speakerphone function. Try the headset, such as those using Bluetooth technology. These systems emit less radiation than the traditional cell phone held to the ear. Buy a phone that emits less radiation. You can find on the internet the emission of radiation of cell depending on the brand.

A child with Cell phone

If you are a parent and you plan to provide a cell phone for your child, keep in mind the concerns of health and safety for young people. Do not forget, either, that the cell phone is more than just a phone and ask if your child is able to responsibly manage a phone, a camera, an internet connection and a wireless system text messaging. Think how complex it can be to monitor the use of these tools. If you’re in your car and you need to make a call, take the time to remove yourself from the lane to your call in a safe place. Close your cell phone to make sure you are not disturbed while you sleep. To keep some distance between your body and your cell, do not carry your phone in your pocket or belt.

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