How To Review Call Center Outsourcing Services

Call Center Outsourcing Services: Call Center Services includes inbound outbound, telemarketing, technical, disaster recovery, email support, chat support services

Call Center Outsourcing Services

Many business owners fear that outsourcing their call centers will cost them, customers. However, with careful monitoring, this is a concern that can easily be eliminated. Check the track record of the call center that you are considering. You can ask for references and scrutinize its past performance. Some business owners worry that their outsourced agents won’t have the necessary knowledge of their company. To address this concern, clear communication between the company and the outsourced call center staff is necessary.

Call center outsourcing services

Outsourcing your customer service means entrusting an important business function to a third party. To ensure that the outsourced call center function is meeting quality standards, set performance metrics. This way, you’ll know exactly how well the service is performing. You’ll be able to intervene if there’s a problem, but you’ll also know when you need to improve the service. A professional call center outsourcing service provider should be available around the clock.

Outsourcing your customer service functions is a wise decision. Leaving a vital business function in the hands of a third party can be difficult, but if you monitor the service, you’ll know if you’re getting the best value for your money. In addition, you’ll be able to reduce frustration from customers by hiring USA-based call center associates. Advanced routing techniques will help make sure your calls get to the right associate, which will improve customer satisfaction.

Another advantage of call center outsourcing is that you can outsource all of your customer support needs. You’ll be able to focus on your core business instead of having to handle multiple tasks. This will allow you to stay focused on the aspects of your business that matter most to your customers. Outsourced call center services will keep your team focused on the essential functions of your business. You’ll be able to focus your time on your other activities, such as production, sales, distribution, and marketing.

In addition, you can find a call center outsourcing company that matches your business values and ethics. Be sure to ask about their industry experience and their KPIs. This will help you determine if the call center outsourcing company is aligned with your company’s goals and values. Further, you can compare their overall performance with other companies in the same industry. You can even choose a provider based on their experience and expertise.

If you don’t receive good customer service from your call center outsourcing company, your customers will blame you. If your customers are not happy with the results, they’ll quit your brand. But there are many other advantages of outsourced call centers. You can focus on your core business, while outsourced call centers will focus on more important tasks. This is an advantage for your business, too. You will be able to save money, which is always better for your company.


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Live chat and messaging can create an individual experience for the customer
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Why outsource Call Center Services?

Call center outsourcing services/customer services let you focus your time and effort in other areas for your enterprise, like the development of new products and improving your current service sales and so on. Instead of increasing your employee’s capacity by requiring them to focus on client service, or even hiring more staff, You can engage an outside service provider to handle your call center outsourcing services on your behalf.

When you contract out call center services to outside service providers, they handle the task for you. You can outsource a couple of call centers (like taking calls, or addressing the most common issues) or outsource the entire customer service/call center of your business to service providers outside of your company.

Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing of call centers:

Benefits of outsourcing the Call Center

1. Cost savings The primary motives for outsourcing call center services is the reduction of costs. Countries in the developing world like India are able to easily benefit from low-cost labor because the cost of living in India is very low. Thus, American-based businesses prefer outsourcing call center services for these countries.

2. It’s faster The process of setting up an in-house call center is an extremely long process. Interviewing hiring, training, and even hiring workers at the call center could require more time than think. You must ensure that your outsourcing call center employees are able to communicate effectively and have excellent interpersonal capabilities. If you decide to outsource the call center outsourcing this will take the burden off of your shoulders as you manage personnel. Therefore, it allows you plenty of time to concentrate on important tasks.

3. International expansion: If your business has already expanded internationally or is looking to expand into international expansion, call center outsourcing can help. Call center outsourcing to a local call center particularly in foreign(other than English) language will allow you to better address your client’s issues.

4. Flexibility The full-time employee earns fixed salaries and are only employed for one specific shift. However, with an outsourced service it is possible to choose a call center based on your requirements. You can also charge them for hours they are on the phone, instead of a fixed wage.

5. 24/7 customer service: Customers expect your support to be available around all hours. They don’t want to wait in their questions and want that you will respond to their needs even in the middle of the night.

However, it can cost the company a great deal to pay local workers to work on additional shifts.

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Take care of calls that are too large You will typically receive an increase in calls during the holiday season. At these times it’s difficult to handle an increase of calls from customers. When you contract out an in-house call center, whose task is to handle the overflow it is possible to quickly move additional calls to an organization and have them effectively complete the task.

Cons of outsourcing a Call Center

1. Communication issues: If you outsource your center outsourcing to another country, whose language is different to your own, it could cause problems. The different accents or lack of knowledge of local slang can negatively affect the experience of customers.

2. Unskilled in product knowledge Employees who are outsourced don’t have the best understanding of your company or your products. They will require you to provide them with training on your business and your products. After that, they’ll only manage basic questions and not complex or technical calls.

3. Customer satisfaction is not high enough As a different company manages the call centers, the employees from outside aren’t able to provide the best customer service. This doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in pleasing customers. It’s only employees within the company who tend to be more motivated to create a long-lasting relationship with customers.

4. There is no control over employees In the event that you contact a center outsourcing service to another company, you don’t have any control over the workers hired by the company. There may be instances where employees are incompetent for the job however, you are not able to have control over the matter. You can, however, ask them questions if they affect the business, but or else, you’ll need to accept the issue.

5. Local jobs are reduced: outsourcing services to multinational companies could result in a local worker’s costs of employment. Through outsourcing, businesses are taking local workers’ job and transferring it to an offshore worker.

What has COVID-19 done to the outsourcing of Call Centers?

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Coronavirus caused disruption to every industry but it caused the most negative effect on the outsourcing business. Outsourcing companies require workers to work from their offices due to the technological equipment and software on premises.

Home-based work is extremely difficult in this field because of two main reasons: one controlling and monitoring vital processes from afar is difficult. Another reason is the regulations that govern how to handle sensitive data regarding customers. Coronavirus also has had a negative impact on the behavior of customers. Customers are now more anxious than they ever were. They need answers to their concerns right away and are ready to change to different brands quickly if they are not adequately addressed.

The spread of the virus has kept a significant number of people from coming into workplaces. This has led to an inexplicably slow response to clients, which has led to a huge loss of business for several firms.

What did IO Digital done for its customers during COVID-19?

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As other call center outsourcing firms were struggling to maintain their operations, IODigital was one of the first companies to move its software on premises onto the cloud. This has allowed our employees to run their businesses and stay connected to customers remaining at home.

When the lockdown the first time it was announced, some of our employees were willing to help customers with live chat support. This helped us resolve our customers’ issues while everyone else’s operations were being shut down. It was a positive influence on the business of our client. They even saw an increase in revenues in the initial quarter while others were suffering massive losses.

Our clients were extremely pleased with our commitment to persistence, perseverance, and the quality of our work. It had such a significant impact on the performance of our clients and their business that they approached us by several notable players such as Clix Capital during the lockdown period. Additionally, we were one of the most well-known and well-known outsourcing companies for call center services during the coronavirus era.

In these instances we added more employees to help our customers. It has been helpful in reducing waiting times and thereby improving the speed of response for our clients. This results in to satisfied and happy customers.

We offer both inbound and outbound service for our customers. Outbound calls will be made using an active mobile number rather than the toll-free number. This increases confidence with our customers.

We offer Call Center Outsourcing services to local as well as international firms. For domestic businesses We use an online calling service that is cloud-based and for international businesses we utilize VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol to provide better connectivity.

We also obtain special approval from the government for holiday days like election days , and other times which are when the majority of businesses aren’t operating. This has allowed our clients secure satisfied and loyal customers.

Call center outsourcing chat support support is also handled through our staff. Bots respond to basic questions such as an order’s number, product details and company information However, our staff handle the more complex technical queries.

Powerful Metrics

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Let the Data Help You

Chat analytics play an essential role in chat and messaging. Shining light on
Customer satisfaction is a key factor in determining agent performance and assists in identifying issues
before they cause before they become. More numbers and better quality reports will
you can track your achievements and remain in the right direction.

Our clientele includes:

1. Adidas as well as Reebok: International sportswear brands such as Adidas as well as Reebok have contracted their call center operations for call center outsourcing to IO Digital. We provide them with live chat support services as well as call center outsourcing services. We’ve assisted them in reducing expenses by shifting all of their business operations onto the cloud. Our team members assist their customers with both basic and more complex questions without delay, thus earning them delighted and satisfied customers.

2. Ferns and Petals: We have been a call center outsourcing service supplier to Ferns and Petals(FnP) for several years currently. Since our involvement with FnP, their business have seen increase in size particularly in terms of revenue. We have provided catering to FnP’s customers all day long and even during holidays (Raksha Bandhan, Father’s Day, Etc. ).

We provide both cloud services(for branches in the US)) and VoIP services(for branches outside of the United States – Dubai, Australia, etc.)

1. Clix Capital: Clix Capital is one of the renounced loans companies in the country. We contacted them during the corona time. We offer them the call center as well as customer service.

2. 1-to-1 progress: 1-to-1 progression is the most well-known platform for learning languages in France. We offer 24/7 outsourcing of call centers for them via VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol and help them cut down on their operational costs.

3. Shuttl: Shuttl provides an app-based bus aggregator in India. We provide them with outsourcing of call center services and live chat call center support, in addition to managing other tasks. They are present throughout India across Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and many more.

4. Samarth Samarth: This Ministry of Textiles takes care of the Samarth scheme, also referred to as the Scheme for Capacity Building in the Textile Sector(SCBTS). We handle the operations of their call center- providing answers to questions, educating and helping candidates throughout the training process.

Although some industry experts believe outsourcing of call centers could lower costs However, some disagree and consider the importance of keeping call center operations in the same location is more worth the cost. Both viewpoints have advantages and disadvantages. We suggest you weigh the benefits and cons of outsourcing to call centers and make your choice keeping your business’s requirements in your mind.

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