How to Start Healing During a Season of Grief

If you have young children or teens, you are a variety Of books And The movies Which can help them deal with the loss too, see more about these articles How to talk about death with children And How to help children suffering from epidemics.

Kristin Taylor, 39, of Oak Park, Illinois, who lost her mother to pancreatic cancer in November, tried to do it all: meditation, talking with friends who lost their parents, long walks, Writing and doing yoga in a magazine. “Nothing helped much,” he said.

Then he started speaking once a week with a sadistic counselor.

“I feel that not only do I have a place to weep and grieve openly without burdening another person, but I now also have someone who can help me, while being on the prowl of an aggressive and ruthless cancer. Caring and caring. ” Ms. Taylor said.

a November survey More than 800 American adults who lost someone in Kovid-19 found that two-thirds of the respondents were suffering from debilitating levels of grief, a type of bereavement that can impede a person’s ability to lead a normal life.

If you are used to coping with drugs or alcohol, or if you are having trouble working, it is important to speak with a professional, Sherman A. Lee, Newport News, VA, and Christopher Newport in one Is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University. Of the authors of the study. Dr. Lee’s website, Pandemic mourning project, Provides A short exam Those people can use to assess their level of distress: a score of seven or more indicates that additional assessment or treatment is needed.

The demands of the epidemic have made it More difficult For some people to find a mental health provider, however, especially one who takes insurance.

Psychology today Maintains a large list of providers that you can filter by location, insurance, specialty or other criteria. But if you cannot find a provider that is accepting new patients, ask the providers you have contacted or your primary care provider for referral.

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