How to start your own E-commerce business(E-commerce In Hindi)

Friends, starting an e-commerce business is not an easy task. E-commerce business can be built only after following a lot of hard work and many steps. Today in this article we will talk about these steps. How you can start a successful E-commerce business.

Think a little! Friends, why are we talking about E-commerce business? Bill Gates once said “If your business is not on the Internet, then you do not have a business”. E-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal have shown up. That this is the future of business. These people experimented with the e-commerce market, so today it is such a big site.

The Economic Survey of 2017-18 has revealed that India’s e-commerce market is estimated to be around 33 million. Which is more than 19% of the growth rate of 2016-17. Perhaps now you will be ready to start your E-commerce business. Friends, next we will know which steps you have to follow to start e-commerce business.

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Prepare a perfect business plan and model You have to think carefully about your business model and plan. The CEO of Sopify has said that e-commerce is not an industry, it is a complete planning, it is a tactic. Now you have two types of business model options. If you want, create a single vendor store. Or you can also create a multivendor e-commerce store. You can also choose it according to your budget.

1)Single Vendor market – If your budget is less then you can choose this in which you sell the same type of product or service on your e-commerce site. In this the administrative cost is very less. And the other complete control remains in your hands.

2)Multi Vendor market- In this, many sellers sell many types of products on the same e-commerce site. It has its advantages. The profits of these platforms are also huge. Also, people get all the needs of their use on a single platform. Due to which the customers also increase. There is also a security in this type of business that if your supplier is unavailable for any reason. So your other supplier can sell the product to the customer. So that the customer remains.

Both types of models have their advantages. You can choose according to you. If you want to sell your own product. Then you can create a Single Vendor Store. If you want other people to come to your store and sell your product. So you can create a Multivendor store. You can take as much margin as you want in Single Vendor Store. Because the product is yours. In Multivendor store you get commission from seller.

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Branding the business. Now that you have disassembled it. Which model of E-commerce business do you want to start? So now it is the turn to choose the business name. You have to keep this in mind while choosing your business name, you have to choose a prime name. You have to keep these things in mind while choosing a name. The name should be short so that it is easy to remember. Be connected to your business. be unique. Along with that which has no meaning in any other language.

Now as soon as you choose a great name. After this, you should get a good people’s design done. Which will later become your identity. Now the next step is to understand the type of company. There are 4 types of companies in India.

(1) Sole proprietorship- There is no shortage of liability in this (2) One person company (3) limited liability partnership (4) private limited company.

Out of these, you have to choose the type of your company. If you want to run an independent company. or in partnership with. This will determine the company’s time. Friends, if you choose a sole proprietorship, then you do not need to take a tax number. Here you can use your social security number. This is given to you at the time of registration.

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Register your e-commerce business. This is the most important part of starting a business. First of all, for the director identification number, you have to go to the mystery of Corporate Affairs website and fill the form. And upload all the necessary documents there. For this you need to have your PAN card and Digital Signature Certificate. After this you will get your DIN. After this you have to apply in the register of companies to check the availability of your company name. You will also do this work on the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. You are given 6 months after the name is confirmed. For the rest of the company process, then you will get GST certificate, shop establishment license, and many more.


Now you open a bank account. Once your company is registered, you will have to open a bank account in the name of the company itself. You can open this account in any bank.


Build your e-commerce website. Your entire business depends on your website. That’s why you have to design your website very carefully and well. Before launching the company’s website, you have to keep some things in mind. You have to first decide whether you will self-host your company or will hire a professional. Which will run your site dail. After this, you have to see that the complete details, pictures and offers of the product being published on your site daily have been given.


Payment gateway You need to set up payment gateway in your online business to make it very profitable. It should have every popular payment method like credit card, phone pay, debit card net banking etc.

this article”How to start your own E-commerce business(E-commerce in Hindi)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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