How to use Blush: Beauty Tips by Tips Elite Blog 

How to use Blush
How to use Blush

How to use Blush: Beauty Tips by Tips Elite Blog 

Blush is a product we all have seen in our mother’s and every other glamourous women’s handbag we look up to. The Blush is a soft pigment which comes in cream, gel, liquid, and powder base. Blush for face is made from FDA approved colorants or dyes. It is meant to mimic the natural flush of your face skin. It is mostly used on cheeks to enhance the complexion and to look more healthy and vibrant. Blush has the ability to brighten up your entire look.

Often three or four pigments are mixed to make a single shade of Blush for red cheeks. There are less than a hundred colorants are approved by FDA, but new shades can be created by blending the approved colorants in an infinite number of ways. The ingredients added in the product, i.e. mica, zinc oxide, titanium oxide, talc, and stearic acid, which blocks your natural skin color. Whether you are blessed with natural rosy pink skin tone, you can always apply Blush to look younger and have more bright and rosy skin. 

How to use Blush
How to use Blush


To get the best results from applying Blush for every skin tone, you need to learn the right technique. We are proving you the right way to use Blush.


Start from the middle of the forehead, lightly dust bronzer & work your way to down to the centre of the ear. From there stroke, the brush gently in a circular motion as you blend the product inwards towards the mouth.


Repeat the above process, and this time keep the brush concentrated on the hollow of the cheeks.


Use a foundation matching your skin tone or slightly lighter. Start under your contour and lightly blend out.


Sweep a highlighter on the best features of your face.

–    BLUSH 

Apply the blush on the top of your cheeks. Move the brush back and forth towards the hairline.


  1.   Blush For fair/wheatish/white skin types

Always choose a blush matching your skin tone or slightly lighter. Light pink and peach are the best choice for fair skin because they are the most natural-looking blush colours. Plum can also work for fair-skinned people because it is on the translucent side.

  1.   Blush For medium skin tone.

Apricot is best-suited blush colour for medium skin types. Another excellent choice for medium skin is mauve.

  1.   Blush For olive skin.

Rose provides the best natural flush for olive skin types. Bronze blush can be another great choice, and it also brightens the effect. 

  1.   Blush For dark/dusky skin complexion.

Colours like raisin or brick bring the best natural flush for darker skin tones. For a neutral look, try a bright tangerine blush.

  1.   Blush For normal to oily skin.

Powder blush is an excellent choice as it can go with all skin types. It also does not need to reapply again and again.

  1.     Blush For dry or aging skin.

Choosing cream blush can hydrate your skin. It looks a little dewy when applied and feels lightweight, which provides a more natural blush look.


Applying a perfect blush on the cheeks is an essential step makeup that provides structure and illuminates the face.

–    Choose pink Blush for yellow, pale, cool skin tones.

–    You Choose purple Blush for green eyes.

–    Choose apricots to blush for a warm skin tone, also for tan skin tone.

–    If you have mature skin, selecting a paint colour for your face with the creamy texture to bring light to the face and an anti-aging effect.

–    Blush for Asian skin; Adopt natural colours like beige, peach and pink if your skin is clear. And apply golden tones like coral, copper if your skin is dark. Escape the dark tones brown or too dapper orange, red. These blush ideas are for Indian skin also.

–    If you have dark aka dusky skin, opt for blushes in iridescent shades of orange, pink or red marks specialized for your skin type. Avoid blushes of dark and dull, which does not give a good look.

–    Your Blush should be in harmony with your makeup: no pink blush if your lipstick is orange, and vice versa.

–    While doing Blush, the proper texture should be selected here are a few more tips: choose a cream or powder which suits best.

–    Textures creams are more comfortable to place accurately and to work correctly. They provide excellent light shine effect and a natural anti-aging. Textures of powders are recommended to make rendering diffuse, dull and sophisticated. They are not recommended for mature skin that dull, unless iridescent.

–    If you cannot choose, nothing prevents you from combining two textures, taking care to apply the cream until the texture suits you and then melt with a finger.


–    Use your face shape to determine the right technique to apply Blush.

–    Blot your brush with a tissue paper, not powder.

–    Choose the right shade according to your skin tone.

–    A primer will help the look last longer.

–    Blush is best when applies in moderation, do not go heavy on Blush.

–    Try to wear the same colour for the lips as the Blush.

–    Using angles can help you apply Blush in a better way.

–    It is always easy to add more Blush than to remove the excess.

–    If you are suffering from a breakout. It is advisable to stay away from all the makeup until your skin calms down. Go for the skin cleansing and repairing instead.

–    Skin Care Tips

–    Use a broad, good quality brush.

–    Always clean your brush after use to avoid mixing different colours.

–    Never sleep with makeup on, cleanse the skin first.


–    Properly cleanse your skin.

Before applying makeup, make sure you have a freshly cleansed skin. For a dry skin go for cream cleanser, it helps to hydrate the skin. Use foam or gel-based cleanser for oily skin, and it helps remove dirt and oil.

–    Apply a good moisturizer.

Always apply a moisturizer before the application of makeup.

–    Apply a primer.

Applying a primer prepares your skin for anything you are going to put on it.


Blush is a makeup product meant to give you a pretty, youthful glow. It can be challenging to know precisely how to make it look the best on your face. Using the correct application techniques, apply in areas that best compliment your face. Choose a colour and texture according in which your skin will look best. Blush is one of the most misused products. It can make you look brighter, younger and revitalized if you know the right techniques and choose the right shade according to your skin type. To achieve the perfect blush look, you must understand some critical things about Blush. We are mentioning some essential points on how to apply the best Blush for everyday use.

–    BASICS 

  1.   Apply your base makeup before your Blush.

The foundation is applied first, then the concealer followed by bronzer and then finally you can use the Blush. After applying Blush put on eyebrow makeup, eyeshadow, eyeliner and finally mascara. These are the necessary steps in order to have balance makeup. You can also use Blush for eyeshadow.

  1.   Sweep your brush through your powder blush.

Sweep your brush on the desired blush colour, apply the Blush on your cheeks. Blend well using another clean brush. Brush downward at the end of blending to make your facial hair lie on the skin surface.

  1.   Liquid Blush 

Use a cream foundation if you want to use cream blush. Put on some cream on your sponge or finger, mix the desired colour and put on the cheeks. Finish blending with a clean blush brush.

  1.   Use a tissue to remove excess Blush.

Use a tissue against your cheeks and press lightly with a makeup sponge to remove a powder-based Blush. If you use cream blush, gently dab your cheeks with a tissue.


Different people possess different face shapes. For getting the best results with Blush, one must use the right technique according to their face shapes. Below are some key points to apply Blush according to the face shapes.


If you are blessed with an oval face, you are lucky. You can get away with anything when it comes to blush. Use the Blush on cheekbones. Aim to place the shade just above the bone rather than towards the hollow beneath it to help raise the height of your cheekbone. Avoid applying Blush under cheekbones.


People with square faces should stick with basics. To define your cheekbones apply the shade just below the cheekbone. Blush in the hairline will help soften the edges of your face. Make sure you do not blend too much horizontally as it will a wider face illusion.

–    BLUSH FOR Oblong/long shape face

Long face means you have more room to use Blush. Use Blush on cheekbones below the outer corners of the eyes. Make sure that the Blush never extends lower than the tip of the nose, and it helps shorten your features.


Apply the shade to the outer corner of the cheekbone. Start by the ear and end it at below the outer edge of your eyes. To do so, apply Blush in ‘C’ shapes. Start from the top of the cheeks to above the ends of your eyebrow. Also add a shade by your temples, towards the center of the forehead. It helps balance the width of the forehead with the chin.


Sweep your Blush from the eat down the cheekbone towards the mouth. Add a little touch of the shade to the chin and blend well to make your face appear longer. Matte blushes would be an excellent choice, do not use pearlized or highly reflective blushes. Remember to avoid blending towards the nose, and it may make your face look more rounder.


Apply the Blush in a sideways V on the cheekbones. Blend up from the cheekbones to the temple, extending it over the brow a bit towards the forehead centre. It helps in balancing the width of the forehead and the rest of the face.


Getting married to colourless, washed-out cheeks is not appreciated. A bride always must look healthy and glowing. Blush for a bride is a must to look gorgeous and natural.  Here are some points you need to keep in mind for Blush for wedding makeup. 

–    Deep cleanse your skin.

–    Prepare your skin with a good moisturizer.

–    After all the base makeup, use a cream blush to add glow and subtle highlighting atop your cheeks.

–    Blend the Blush to make it look natural using a sponge.


For a healthy glow or soften facial features, smile and apply Blush on the cheeks dominant stretching towards the temples. If you want to correct your face, use two blushes, one in shades of brown (natural beige for fair complexions, dark beige to brown skins and tanned hides for black and mixed-race) to ask for the shadows and lines and restructure face, and the other in shades of pink and orange to bring a pure, healthy glow blush.

To mitigate the cheeks, on your cheeks and apply a powder and proper eye shadow with a tint pulling brown in the hollow cheeks got to dig as well as jaw fading towards the neck structure features, and also put a little touch texture cream blush pink or orange on the top of the cheekbones to the temples stretching to catch the light and give good looks.

To mitigate a face too long, put a touch of Blush brown pulling completely horizontal, under the cheekbone; from the wings of the nose to the ears then melt the result to keep the finger shadow created naturally. Also, apply this Blush on top of the forehead at the hairline and the chin to provide shade and redefine the shape of your face by cutting the long end. After creating the shadow, then apply a bit of Blush pink or orange on the cheeks for a healthy glow.


Every girl dream to have rosy pink cheeks, it makes you more gorgeous. One way is to use makeup, but that is not long-lasting, it vanishes as soon as you remove your makeup. There are many natural ways you can get that pink radiance you wish for.

–    Diet 

Opting a good and healthy meal is the key to healthy and glowing skin. Crash dieting is not the solution you are looking for. Make sure you eat a balanced diet. 4-5  balanced meals can do the trick for you. Cut down on animal meat, instead opt plant proteins. Add low-fat milk, and milk products like yogurt and low skimmed milk in your diet. Adding a good multivitamin supplement is a must as the nutrients in natural food is decreasing.

–    Exercise and hydration 

A good exercise regime and regularly hydrating can boost the skin tone. This removes dead skin cells and deeply cleanse the pores, which leads to the removal of acne and dark spots. Exercises increase blood circulation and remove harmful toxins out of the body.

–    Exfoliating 

Make a habit of regularly scrubbing your skin to remove dead skin cells, which leads to premature aging and dull skin. Use a gentle or natural homemade scrub but not in a harsh manner. Exfoliating every day can result in damaged skin, so do not exfoliate more than 2-3 times a week.

–    Bleaching face masks

To have a glossy skin, you must use face masks with bleaching properties. You can also use lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Use homemade natural face masks regularly for best results. Avoid using apple cider vinegar if it reacts with your skin. Never go out in the sun after applying lemon as it may result in sensitivity to sun rays.

–    Fill in the deficiency 

Vitamin E and vitamin C plays a vital role in improving skin health and natural glow. Make sure you supplement yourself with these two essential vitamins for a bright and rosy complexion.

–    Massage 

A proper massage helps boosts blood flow under the skin layer. Massage your face in a circular and non-circular motion with a face massage cream regularly to get rosy complexion.

–    Stress management

Stress and anger can snatch your glow of the skin. You can try yoga and meditation to destress yourself. Try to keep the stress and anger level down.

–    Beauty sleep 

Sleeping is vital for healthy glowing skin. While you sleep, your skin repairs itself by secreting essential oils. Sleep at least 8 hours to brighten and boost glow on the face.

So this is all we have gathered for you girls and supermoms out there who really wanted to know everything about Blush. Keep all the critical points in your mind to understand how to use Blush correctly. Applying Blush can enhance your looks way much if applied rightly. There is a simple rule to standby when applying Blush, and it is to create the colour rather than just simply use it. Do not forget to blend, blend and blend some more.

Choose what shades you can apply on your skin type, and the right way to use a blush from the above article. We are always excited to get the reviews and responses from our beloved readers to increase our knowledge and to spread that to help other people. Leave a comment or if you have a query, feel free to write to us in comments. We are looking foreward fro your response.

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