How to Use Instagram to Plan Your Wedding

Andrea Pitter Campbell, a wedding designer and founder of Pantora Bridal, a Brooklyn-based bridal brand that specializes in selling wedding dresses that complement an inclusive range of body types and skin tones, said her company ‘S Instagram account has given us permission to celebrate. Brides before, after and after their weddings ”by sharing photos of brides wearing wedding dresses from retailers.

Chris and Ruth Schmidt’s Instagram account may be the perfect cure for a case of wanderlust. The husband-wife destination-wedding photographer is based in Mallorca, Spain. They post beautiful pictures from weddings that are shot around the world. They say that Instagram has helped them attract customers. “Almost all of our couples found us through Instagram, and most of them watched us for years,” said Mr. Schmidt.

Saeed Babayan, president of Empty Vase, a luxury florist company in West Hollywood, California, said his company uses Instagram to see what kind of floral designs he sees with customers. “Our passion for flowers has always been habitable in our space,” said Babin and Instagram gave us a great opportunity to share it.

This Instagram account, which posts pictures of LGBTQ + proposals, weddings and honeymoon, “helps us stay true to our mission, which has been from the beginning to showcase LGBTQ + love in an authentic way that Proves its price and validity, ”said Kirsten Ott. Palladino, editorial director and a founder of Uniformly mercury Website.

Brides can get makeup and inspiration for their hair. On this Instagram account of Beauty Asylum Hair & Makeup, the company based in Charlotte, NC “We are able to use our Instagram feed as a look book for brides and potential customers,” she said. Jessica Lynes, owner of the company.

Natalia Otlora, founder of Papel & Company, a boutique wedding stationery company based in Hollandley Beach, Fla., Uses Instagram to showcase her design methods, which include using the printing press since the early 1900s. “Ottalora said,” Our product is not only aesthetically unique, but also includes many processes that can be easily explained with only images or videos.

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