‘I Am Worth It’: Why Thousands of Doctors in America Can’t Get a Job

The 61 percent match rate for international students may explain the problem, some experts say, Because it is not for medical students who do not get an interview. With the inclusion of those students, the match rate for international medical students can be reduced by up to 50 percent.

Residency program directors said that in recent years they have stepped up their efforts to look at candidates holistically. Dr. Weill Cornell Medicine’s Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in New York. Susana Morales said, “Straight A in college and a correct test score in college is not a perfect applicant.” “We are interested in background diversity, geographic diversity.”

Some international medical students struggling for the match have looked for alternative avenues in medical work. Arkansas and Missouri are among the states that grant paramedic licenses for those who have completed their licensure examination, but have not completed residency. Unmatched doctors eager to use their clinical skills to help in the epidemic said they had the opportunity to serve as adjunct physicians in times of crisis.

After failing in the first attempt at the licensing exam, then in his second attempt, the 30-year-old Dr. Farina Khan found herself out of the matching process. In the past five years, it has spent more than $ 30,000 in residency application fees. But with a paramedic license, she was able to join the Missouri Disaster Medical Assistance team in the spring, helping with medical facilities where staff members tested positive for coronavirus.

Dr. “Hospitals need to realize that there are people in my position who can work in the next hour,” Khan said. “I was not sitting on the sidelines going to medical school.”

Permission for a similar license is being considered in a handful of states. The condition typically pays about $ 55,000 per year – much less than a physician can earn – which makes it challenging to pay back the debt, but it also helps medical school graduates with their clinical training Allows to maintain with.

Dr. In Cromblin, Prattville, Ala., Felt a similar urge to join the Kovid-19 boundary line in the spring. He had defaulted on a loan and had little in his bank account, but as soon as he got his incentive he bought an airplane ticket to New York. She volunteered the month of April with the medical staff at Jamaica Medical Center in Queens.

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