In second impeachment, misinformation spreads at a lower intensity.

Former President Donald J. Misinformation about the second impeachment lawsuit against Trump is circulating online at a much slower clip than the first impeachment trial against him – at least for now.

Media insights company Jignal Labs collected misinformation about the impeachment proceedings from 25 January to 9 February, and found three emerging lies that garnered thousands of mentions on social media and cable TV and print and online news outlets.

The lie, however, did not gain as much traction as Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial or misinformation about the outcome of the 2020 election. Nevertheless, the data shows that any news event helped by social media algorithms, curious viewers, and a broken fact-checking system is an opportunity to spread lies and advance divisive rumors.

The three most popular misinformation about impeachment proceedings are.

The lie that Congressman Nancy Pelosi somehow knew that a mob would attack the Capitol and the impeachment trial was attempted to be used as a “diversion”, written by Senator Ron Johnson on Fox News on 7 February.

“We now know that 45 Republican senators believe it is unconstitutional,” Mr. Johnson said on Fox News, referring to the impeachment proceedings. “Is this another diversion operation?” Does this mean that the speaker got away from what she knew and when she knew it? I don’t know, but I doubt it. “

A video clip of the interview was viewed on Twitter at least 2.1 million times.

The capital attack was labeled false and “the basis for underage Trump impeachment” gained traction on February 8 when a conservative outlet called Just News published an article claiming it was. The article was shared 7,400 times on Twitter and at least 3,000 times on Facebook.

Founder of Just the News, John solomon – a Washington-based media personality who was instrumental in advancing lies about Biddens and Ukraine – shared the lies with thousands of likes and retweets from his own Twitter account. Other Twitter users then raised the rumor, adding to the false rumor.

144 According to scholars of constitutional law, focusing on what was planned in advance should have no effect on the impeachment test. Written analysis Of the case against Mr. Trump. He said that many of them believed that “President Trump could be blamed and disqualified because of the extraordinary, presidential duty of the President to protect the government after his’ further acts and omissions on him,” He is accused of violating his oath through unprecedented vengeance. ” The mob to attack the Capitol. ”

Legend has it that it is not too late to impeach former President Barack Obama and he started gaining traction on Twitter on January 26. Thousands of Twitter users shared an old Suggestion Rep. Matt Getz of the Republic of Florida has been told that if the former president can be impeached, Mr. Obama should be tried to spy on Trump.

Revival of false narrative “SpygateA labyrinthine conspiracy theory involving unexplained allegations about a democratic plot to spy on Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign. But over the past four years, the theory has been fiercely criticized for not trespassing on Mr. Trump’s political enemies. And in 2019, a much awaited Inspector General of Justice Department report No evidence found A political plot to spy on the Trump campaign.

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