Influencer Can Unionize in Hollywood with SAG-AFTRA

Social media creators have a new way to join Hollywood’s largest union.

The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists holds Approved An “influential agreement” that extends coverage and subscription options to online content creators. (Word affecting Is interchangeable With the creator or content creator.) The terms will apply to individuals who are paid to advertise products on social media platforms.

“The Influencer Agreement provides a route for both current and future members to cover their affected-generated branded content under a SAG-AFTRA contract,” Union President, Gabrielle Carteris wrote in an email. “Our goal is to support these artists in a way that reflects the unique nature of their content.”

There is no minimum follower count for those affected who wish to join the union, although eligibility for health and pension schemes is based on other work requirements.

Obtaining a “SAG card” has long been the code to break into Hollywood (the Screen Actors Guild was merged with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists in 2012). Artists within the union are likely to work on a wide range of film and TV projects, and it provides access to health and pension schemes. Artists wishing to earn enough credits to gain eligibility can stay away as anonymous extras for months or years.

Now, the definition of covered work within the union has been expanded to include what successful producers do, which is to create sponsored content for brands. According to an insider, this is the latest sign that Impact’s business has become an important part of the entertainment industry and huge revenue stream: Brands are set to spend $ 8 billion to $ 8 billion by 2022 on impact marketing by 2022 . Intelligence and Medics Report good.

The guild currently represents about 160,000 professionals in film, television and radio – many of whom struggled to find work last year as production dried up during the epidemic, which changed the trend of entertainment industry professionals to social media Created social revenue. Stream your followers by advertising products.

The Guild’s impressive agreement is the culmination of three and a half years of ground research on how the entertainment landscape is shifting. As traditional entertainment professionals have taken to social media, casting agents and producers are Increasingly shouted for new talent thereRecruitment of Internet stars for roles or promotional campaigns for film and TV.

The new agreement by SAG-AFTRA opens up membership to make more videos or voice-over sponsored by more YouTubers, TikTokers, Snapchat stars and anyone else. Dixie and Charlie D’Melio and Addison Easterling, some of Tickcock Highest earning producer, Are now eligible to join the union – as are any producers doing sponsored videos and voice-overs, such as creating sponsored Tiktok videos or Instagram story posts. (Union eligibility is not available to creators hired for “still” campaigns – which only feature photography, not video or audio – but they are increasingly rare.)

In addition to providing benefits, the union will be able to advocate on behalf of content creators and enact legislation to serve the producer community. It can also provide assistance with collective bargaining and help settle payment disputes between influencers and the brands that hire them.

As the announcement spread throughout the week, many influential people were upbeat and introverted. “From everything I’ve read so far, it seems like this is the same as me and a lot of other creators will do,” said Lindsey Silberman, 34, a lifestyle influential in New York.

“I think it just lends legitimacy and gives too much credibility to an industry that many people have not taken seriously,” she said, referring to working influencers.

Most creators work with very little labor protection; Is fraud Uncontrolled Filled Industry, which is almost entirely Unmixed. Producers often act as mini advertising agencies to manage their advertising, accounting and legal matters, producing, shooting, editing, distributing and promoting their own content. Many people lack any form of health care or workplace benefits.

32-year-old Michelle Gonzalez, a travel content producer in Los Angeles, said she hopes the union can bring more awareness about salaries and hiring. “I think there is a greater level of transparency around pay and those who are involved in the campaign can benefit influential people,” she said. He said, ‘You cannot fight for equal pay or representation in the industry without the earnings of your peers. Lack of diversity and inclusion is still a major issue in the influential economy and this issue is present in Hollywood as well. “

An important difference of the new coverage effort under SAG-AFTRA is that while advertising will be able to represent creators in interactions with advertising brands, it will not be able to interact directly or on an individual basis with social media platforms.

It is notable that in recent years many manufacturers in the industry have shied away from brand deals, supporting more direct forms of demonetisation such as building a subscription business such as Patrion and Platform. Only fan, Or through programs such as YouTube’s AdSense or TikTok Creator Fund.

“Platforms have more benefits than any individual brand,” said Li Jin. The factoryFirms investing in a venture capital affected economy. “As the platform rolls out the demonetization programs of the manufacturer, those programs are going to capture a larger share of people on those platforms than Brand Touch.”

It remains to be seen how the association can advocate online creators’ relationships with platforms in the future.

Influencers have also tried to form a union in the past. The American Influencer Council, the only invited non-profit trade association, launched in 2020 Manufacturers association, A collective founded by a group of British content creators. And in 2019, Instagram members attempted to form a union, but it Dissolve quickly.

But the SAG-AFTRA Effective Agreement is a major step forward in giving a growing and highly influential industry a more powerful collective voice.

“This is probably necessary for a decade,” affected expert Kat Molesworth told Guardian Last year, noted unionization. “People have been taken advantage of with unfair practices and it’s just building.”

Reporting contributed Rachel Abrams.

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