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We shape our buildings. Next, they shape us

For any university, infrastructure is the most important tool along with other requirements including quality based education, practical experience and additional courses.

According to the study the most important elements of a good academic infrastructure which also contributes to their career are- Buildings, classrooms, laboratories, equipment.

GLA University It is spread over 110 acres of land and is home to over 10,000 candidates, of whom around 5000 students live in hostels on the campus. It has a state-of-the-art infrastructure which includes air-conditioned, IT enabled class rooms, conference rooms, faculty cabins etc. The University has various Centers of Excellence and the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. From classrooms to playgrounds, laboratories to libraries and hostels to cafeterias, everything at GLA is designed keeping the utmost concentration and wishes of the students in mind.


lecture hall– GLA University has 227 classrooms which are designed like amphitheater, so that teachers can give equal attention to all the students. Of these, 65 are tutorial rooms. Internet facility on computer is also available in the university.


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cafeteriaFood is what makes you healthy and enthusiastic. We at GLA believe in HHH (Healthy, Clean & Homely). Healthy – We want our students to eat healthy, be healthy and look healthy. Hygienic- We believe that only food is not enough for the body, hygienic food is our priority. Homestay- Students staying in hostel should feel at home away from home.



GLA believes in continuous mental and physical development of the students. We give equal importance to extra curricular along with academic knowledge. The campus has dedicated spaces for all major outdoor sports like Football, Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics. GLA enhances the skills of the students who are interested in sports. We tried our best to take advantage of our students with almost every sports facility.

We have Athletics Track, Badminton Court, Basketball Court, Cricket Ground, Football Ground, Handball Ground, Volleyball Court, Chess Hall, Table Tennis Hall, Lawn Tennis. Hostelers have an added advantage as they can practice in the field after their classes. The discipline, hard work and team-skills that accompanies any sport are held at the highest level in the university and this is the reason GLA’s various sports teams have garnered praise from other institutions.

librariesLibrary is most essential for acquiring knowledge. Here at GLA, we have a central library which is the center of information services in the university. We provide both digital and print format facilities to our students.

We try our best to provide books of every segment to our students. The Central Library of our University is a member of DELNET which links more than 5000 libraries across the country and is also a member of the National Digital Library.

laboratories– Theory is incomplete without practical implementation. Hence, we provide you with the best practical knowledge through our advanced laboratories.

GLA University has a total of 157 well-equipped laboratories where students get hands-on experience on various emerging technologies through which they get an opportunity to expand their practical understanding of how a particular phenomenon works.



home away from home

GLA University provides well equipped hostel facilities to its external candidates. Separate facilities for boys and girls, caring wardens and tight security ensure a pleasant stay allowing you to focus on your academics. We have 15 boys’ hostels with accommodation capacity of 4300+ boys and 4 girls’ hostels with seating capacity of 1400+ girls. A newly constructed 800-room hostel that has been awarded one of the Best 11 Worldwide Architectural Designs by the World Architecture Community UK, the hostel is divided into five, 4-level blocks and inspired by the streets weaving along the site is in the pattern. historical center



All hostels on campus, both girls and boys, have gymnasiums and fitness centers. Equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and the latest health-oriented equipment are at the disposal of students and faculty and staff members so that they can take advantage of it.


The essential objective of Aarogya is to maintain a holistic approach to the physical well-being of our students, teachers and support staff. We aim to provide 24×7 prompt and effective medical, surgical and psychosocial support to all workers and residents within the GLA campus.

research and innovation

GLA University offers tremendous intellectual opportunities to showcase the field of research and innovation.

Entrepreneurship Cell- Entrepreneurship Cell, GLA University is a not-for-profit, strategically innovated, value-driven organization with a core focus on influencing young minds and is run by student entrepreneurs in creating it.

Newgen IEDCNew Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (NewGen IEDC) is a program launched by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. The objective of NewGen IEDC would be to inculcate the spirit of the Government of India. Innovation and entrepreneurship among young S&T students, encourage and support start-up creation through guidance, mentorship and support.

CSED – Industry 4.0 Facility

GLA University has established the Center for Skill and Entrepreneur Development (CSED) in collaboration with Dismatch Competency Services (DCS), a functional industry within a campus, wherein students are exposed to the industry ecosystem with project-based learning programmes. Will be done

CSED at GLAU is working on skill development as an industry partner to bridge this gap. We call this an industry within an institution.

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