Is Another Las Vegas Casino Closure Coming? • This Week in Gambling

Only two weeks after the reopening of the Las Vegas casinos, the corona virus has returned with all its might. Could we see a second Vegas Casino closure? The governor of Nevada and the State Gaming Control Board have now prescribed face masks, but it may be too late to stop a second wave of the Covid 19 outbreak in Vegas. New Jersey casinos are also opening this weekend, and the push for cashless casinos has begun.

BREAKING: Borgata delays the reopening

Coronavirus infections are registered in Nevada two weeks after the Vegas Casinos reopened.

State casinos, restaurants and gyms have reopened with limited capacity. Nevada and Las Vegas reported their largest increase in coronavirus cases in a day since the pandemic started, joining at least five cities and states that have interrupted their reopening plans due to new record infections.

Nevada is joining a growing number of US states that set one-day records for new coronavirus infections as the country approaches reopening.

Although the Nevada cases are increasing, new deaths related to Covid-19 in the state have remained in single digits since late May. For more information on a possible second Vegas Casino closure, see Forbes.