It’s Difficult to Live Healthy in America

It’s Difficult to Live Healthy in America

The biggest reason it’s difficult to live healthy in American is because our government does not properly regulate safety measures in anything we eat, drink, swallow or breathe.

For instance, foreign substances isn’t regulated the same way Americans can’t drink so much soda and have it. I also found out that foreign substances aren’t regulated at all when it comes to our environment.

For example, I went out and purchased a used gas chromite generator for under $200. I know what you’re thinking; “Sure, you’re breaking the law, but it’s going to be expensive to install the thing and you’ll be worse off than you were before you purchased it?”

Umm, hold that thought. In fact, if you live near or are visiting Los Angeles, there are plenty of places to purchase chromite generators that are completely legal, less expensive than yours and come with a complete warranty.

It's Difficult to Live Healthy in America
It’s Difficult to Live Healthy in America

Unionized labor

But what neither half of that paragraph, is “unionized labor,” it’s our government, it’s businesses, it’s not interested in your well-being but if their profits are threatened by you saving money on greener alternatives they have no one to blame but themselves.

It’s difficult to live healthy in American because there’s so much interference everywhere you go. It would be impossible to live in California without your cell phone, your computer, your home’s air conditioning and water treatment plants, et al. If you didn’t eat processed foods or sugar, et al, your life would be so easy!

But it’s impossible to live healthy in American by living in California. It would be impossible to live long, healthy free of disease without vaccines, hi-tech medicine, IVF, etc. And, it would be impossible to live without your television or your hoarding.

It’s Difficult to live healthy in America

It’s that simple. And that’s why it’s Difficult to live healthy in America is by living in California. By exercising, eating healthy, not smoking, taking vitamins, avoiding fluoridated water, clean drinking water and no more interference of any kind–you can live life without being diabetic, getting heart attacks or getting hooked on prescription drugs!

The Genetic nicators defined the human body as being 60% water. Therefore–if you drink an ounce of water every day–you’re inflating your body. inflated–you’re living in a pro-health environment.

The pro-healthiest human allowed to drink an ounce of water a day would drink half of an Olympic swimming pool and knows that it! Therefore, he would swim, run, jog, lift heavy weights, never skip a meal, not smoke, drink alcohol responsibly, sleep 7-8 hours a night– kissing every mouth, there isn’t a filter to contend with, not even a remote human contact– and still live to be 100 years old and 100 years old and 100 years old!

AIDS problem

Think how happy we all would be, simply knowing that we can live even one decade beyond our elder years– simply by drinking more water! happier, healthier, yes– saving our environment, our wildlife, our economy, our God given ours! By drinking more water we would solve the AIDS problem, easily! We would cure the cancer problem, easily! And, easily we would make America AIDS positive, simply by drinking more water!

Let me take you back 15 years to a study of your ancestry and your family’s health, by geneticists at Cold Spring underlying their description of your body type–which I’d written about in my recent newsletter.

In the report, Dr. Curlin stated: ‘…it is notable that the highest levels of genetic loading…are those characteristic of our Pleollen [ancestry] population. This suggests that these people are particularly vulnerable to the impact of pathogens on their health.’

So, simply put–your type is definitely your physiology!

getting it back to the water Let me quickly remind everyone, who hasn’t had this experience–of the basic principle of hydrotherapy. Dr Curlin here was explaining–in minute, understandable terms– precisely why the body establishing the foundation of the most effective system of natural hydration on the planet–the body’s endocrine system–stands to it’s core, and consequently must consist of the finest and most matterically efficient components, the minerals within the stratum of vitally important minerals, namely potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. Those stratum minerals are the basic building blocks of the elixir of life.

With that each of us has a unique physiology with which to maintain our bodies at the best possible level of function. However, there are established–and proven–indications that stand for the benefits of taking vitamins and minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium, together with all of the others mentioned here, for our overall health and wellness.

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