Kaia Gerber’s Book Club and the Online Literary Boom

As these intellectuals become spokespersons, professional models are increasingly photographed with books. In May 2019, Kendall Jenner was Seen Near a pool in Cannes by Darcy Wilder reading “Litterly Show Me Healthy Person”. In December 2019, Ms. Jenner was Speak On a boat in Miami reading “Tonight I’m Even Else” by Chelsea Hodgson.

Ms. Wilder and Ms. Hodgson Has stated that his books were sold on Amazon after it aired online. Ms. Wilder wrote, “This capitalist stimulus has benefited me monetaryly, if I say so it culturally benefits itself.” Essay For Outline, as it reflected Ms. Jenner’s interest in “a more creative creative class”. Ms. Jenner has since shared many books online, Including “How to cure a ghost” by Fariha Róisín.

Celebrity book can also compete with the sale of the Mansion Book. Author Alison Wood, whose book “Being Lolita” was illustrated by Ms. Gerber and Ms. Ratajkowski, said she saw a “huge jump in sales” and her follower count, which is not the best seller for a book, That’s a big deal. “

Ms. Wood believes that this is a result of society’s increasing comfort as a new author-model and model-book-bookfluencer dynamic “being smart for beautiful women, and beautiful for smart women too”. “Amanda Gorman is a great poet, but she can also do modeling because she is beautiful. Kaia Garber is gorgeous, but she is really smart and loves books and wants to talk about books. “

Ms. Rosin has yet to see the physical benefits from Ms. Jenner’s photographs, but is impressed that she is involved in her book with issues that “are about exposing white supremacy and patriarchy,” she said. “It’s talking about abuse and trauma, so the fact that Kendall Jenner is reading that book, and she’s constantly reading it, is very wild.” And for the supermodel’s other reading material, she was given by her agent Ashley Gonzels?

“If Kendall Jenner is reading Lydia Davis, that’s great.”

Ms. Gonzales, too, shares recommendations for reading “Alt Lit” with her nearly 78,000 followers. “If I love something or read something that I find trustworthy, I’ll pop it on Instagram to share it in that moment,” she wrote in an email.

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