Ladbrokes Says Return Customers Key to Online Casino Success

Ladbrokes took proactive management steps to keep the online casino operator healthy, profitable and dominant in its industry.

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Ladbrokes has reorganized its executives this week, replacing the head of online gaming and the director of retail operations. Richard Glynn, CEO of the company, told the Wall Street Journal that operations need to be updated and updated to encourage customer engagement at the online casino.

The increase of promotions, offers and incentive programs is a central point for Ladbrokes and offers the latest technology. Ladbrokes not only creates traffic for its internet gambling sites by attracting new visitors, but also prepares to intensify competition by specifically looking for ways to retain customers who previously used the service.

This means offering the most modern adjustments to sports betting, such as: B. Live betting with in-game games and constantly changing chances of winning. This also includes concentrating on separating and increasing brand awareness vis-à-vis other online gaming operators, as well as providing responsive customer service.

“We’re quick to fix historical operational weaknesses,” Glynn told the journal. “We are changing the DNA of the business.”

Glynn claimed the changes were necessary before adjustments made by competitors like the newly founded PartyGaming-Bwin union Ladbrokes leave in a rapidly changing online casino environment.

Posted on August 5, 2010 by TomWeston

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