Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Recalls Being Shot and Cradling ‘Guardian Angel’ Dog

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker voiced her frantic thoughts in a horrifying Instagram post on Monday after being shot by two men in Los Angeles. Who stole the singer’s two french bulldogs And left him in a pool of blood.

Citing Asia, the dog walker, Ryan Fisher, a third dog owned by the singer, wrote that “My gunshot wound due to bleeding, an angel strangled me to the side. I panicked.” The screams calmed as I looked at him, even as he recorded that the blood coagulation around his small body was my own. “

Mr. Fisher, who did not immediately respond to a message on Instagram, wrote that he would “still recover from a very close call with death” and “would write and say more later.”

The shooting took place around 9:40 pm on 24 February. Mr. Fisher was walking north on Sierra Bonita Avenue in Hollywood, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

As of Monday, the police department had not announced an arrest in the case, nor had it issued information about the woman returning the dogs, two days later, informing police.

Capt. Stacey D., a spokesman for the department. “Investigators are still working on the case and the investigation is still ongoing,” Spell said in an email on Monday. She also cited a statement released last week stating that they would not discuss the woman returning the dogs, nor the location where they were found, “due to active criminal investigation and their safety.” for.”

a Report good The Associated Press on Friday quoted the department’s Capt. Jonathan Tippy as saying that the woman carrying the dogs to the police station appeared to be “uninvited and unlicensed” with the attack.

Mr. Fisher’s Instagram posts, which contained photos of him in a hospital bed, to family and friends, as well as to emergency personnel and health care personnel, included: “You truly saved my life and helped me get a newborn baby Ki, I can ‘thank you very much

What exactly caused the attack is unclear. Most of what is known publicly comes from Surveillance video From a nearby house.

At that, Mr. Fisher is seen walking on a sidewalk, partially obscured by a fence, as a white car pulls up beside him. Two men get out of the car and quarrel with Mr. Fisher. He shouts repeatedly and later, a gunshot is heard. “Help me, I’m shot,” Mr. Fisher can be heard saying that soon after he drives the car. “I have been shot. Oh dear.”

Remembering that exact moment, Mr. Fisher wrote on Instagram, “I considered Asia the best. I thanked her for all the incredible feats we had together, so I apologized that I couldn’t defend her brothers.” , And then resolved that I would still try to save them and myself. “

“I saw my guardian angel. I smiled at his moving form, thankfully at least he would be ‘fine’, “he said.

When emergency medical personnel treated Mr. Fisher, he was rearing the dog, according to KABC TV, Which had a helicopter above the scene.

Officer Jeff Lee, who is also a spokesman for the police department, said last week that a paramilitary handgun was used in the attack.

The dogs, once stolen, are named Koji and Gustav and belong to Lady Gaga, who offered a $ 500,000 reward for information about them, a representative of the singer said. Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stephanie Germanotta, announced in 2016 that she had added a black and white puppy to the family of dogs, which included two names Koji And Asia.

At the time, he named the puppy “Kaupig and Mopig”, renaming it Gustav. with him Featured dogs In his social media posts over the years.

In his Instagram post on Monday, Mr. Fisher included a message to Lady Gaga: “Your children are back and the family is full … we’ve done it!”

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