Learn How to Play Poker: 3- Step Beginner’s Guide

Learn How to Play Poker
Learn How to Play Poker

Learn How to Play Poker: 3- Step Beginner’s Guide

So you heard of poker but don’t know how to play it as yet? Or you kind of know. For all those who don’t know or sort of know, this guide is the one for you. So the next time you find yourself in a casino, you can play poker and lose all your money- Just kidding. So without wasting any more time, let’s learn how to play poker for beginners.

Step 1: What You’ll require to Get Started:

The first step in this beginner poker guide is to see what you’ll need to getting started. So the first and most essential thing you’ll require is a deck of playing cards. Common sense, right? If you’re playing with a lot of people, then you’d need more than one deck. See this you may not have known right?

Learn How to Play Poker
Learn How to Play Poker

If you’re playing for money, which is what many do when you need to have three or more people, it is possible to play like one too, but where’s that fun in that? As they say, “The more the Merrier.”

Now for the options, if you want the casino feel, then you’ll require a card table. Otherwise, any table will do. Maybe even the ground will do. Last but not least, if you’re playing for money, then the money.

Step Two in Learning to Play poker- Get That Lingo Down to The “T” and “Hands”:

When playing poker, you might have heard a few jargons thrown here and there. In this beginners guide to poker, we’ll see what all that means. Some words mean the same thing. So here we go…

Ante- this is the least amount of money that you’ll require to sit in a game with betting involved. Like they say, “Up the ante..” You’ll need this amount of money if you have to be “Dealt in.”

Fold- This you can do to get out. You throw your cards on the table. This is done whenever you feel you’re not going to win and don’t want to lose more dough.

Check- This is not always possible, but where it is, it means you get a free pass. This is done when you know you don’t have good cards.

Call- When someone ups the ante, you can say the call to say that you’re in and ready to get to bet the same as him.

Raise- Related to the previous one, but this time you know you have a right hand.

Capped Betting-There is a limit to how much betting you can do. Once that limit is up, all you can do is a call.

Bluff- This is when you or another player know they have poor cards but bet like nuts anyway. This they do to confuse the other players in the game. Use this sparingly if you’re a newbie.

Now for the Hands:

You can have nothing that is where all the players have no good cards. Then you have pairs where you at least have two of something like two fives and so on. Three of a kind- this is where you have three of the same kind, like three sixes and so on. Then you have straight where you have all the cards in order. Remember with aces you can have them as a high or low. Flush- all your cards are of the same suit as all hearts.

Full House this where you have like three eights and a two. Straight Flush when you have everything in order and of the same suit. Royal Flush this is again all of the same suits.

If you’re playing with random cards as is usual, 5 is the highest ranking hand.

So if two hands come up, the person with the highest numbered card wins. This is not there, however, when the hands are full houses. Say, for example, there are two hands, one with three jacks and two fours while the other one is of three 4s and two jacks. So the one with the three jacks wins as jacks are higher than fours.

Step 3 Learn an Easy Game in this Beginners Guide to Learning Poker- Blackjack.

This is an easy game to get a grasp of. It is also known as blackjack. The rules are the same everywhere, but in some places, house rules maybe slightly different.

So the main goal in blackjack is to get your cards as close as possible to 21. This you have to do without going over 21 or what is known as busting.

So here’s how it goes-

Say that there are three people besides you and the dealer. First everyone antes- the limit will depend on the casino you’re in or your friend if you’re in their house. The dealer will first deal the cards from left to right, and he’ll be the last. He first deals one card face down, and the next round will be one card face up. What is down remains face down, and what is up to remains up. But you can take a peek at your own lying down card.

So the range goes like this ace to king. The value of a card is its number so if you have a three of clubs then the value of it would be a three. Ten is known as the face card or ones that equal a 10. Ace is a special card it can be counted as a 1 or an 11. So if you a 10 and an ace then you’ve got yourself a winning hand as that equals 21.


After two rounds have been dealt, the dealer first checks his cards to see if he has a blackjack or 21 if not then the person on his left checks and so forth. If no one has a winning hand, then it becomes the first person on the left to hit, stay, or double up.

You say it if your hand is low in value. This means that you want to be dealt another card. However, you feel you have a high value, then you say stay. If you happen to have two of the same card like two threes, then you have to turn up the lying down card and point to one and say hit me. If you still want another one, you can point to the other and say the same.

This will be the same for everyone. Once this round is done, then everyone bets one final time. This time you flip over your cards and the one closest to 21 wins the pot. If there happens to be a tie between two players, then the pot is split, however, if there is a tie between a player and dealer the dealer wins. It is easier than it seems!

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