Learn How to Play Rummy

Learn How to Play Rummy
Learn How to Play Rummy

Learn How to Play Rummy

It is often thought that the fundamentals of how to play rummy are easily found in the “World of Rummy” on TV. Yes, indeed, there are that popular show about a guy who uses his gumption to win a few free tickets to visit a tropical island, and that is the basic premise of this sport – if you have guts and a touch of real charisma you can also win some points, and you can also have a great time when you play rummy.

Learn How to Play Rummy
Learn How to Play Rummy

However, to play rummy is not all that easy. And some of the basics that you need to understand to get the best out of your game are just not visible on TV. So read on and discover how to play rummy…

How to Play Rummy:

Learning and winning have a lot to do with practice, so it’s a must that you play with others, whether they are friends or family, or professional players. To play rummy with people who have a piece of great knowledge and a passion for the game is one of the best ways to learn how to play rummy.

It is also advisable to learn from someone who knows his own tricks. If you’re a beginner, you should try reading books by experts. They have an amazing knowledge of their own tricks, and they will be able to teach you the important stuff.

Spread out

The two basic fundamentals of how to play rummy are to spread out and slow down. In rummy, you should always ensure that you can reach your opponents effectively. Therefore, it is imperative that you layout some space to lay on and keep your opponents out of it.

As a rule, the more evenly distributed you are, the higher your opponent’s win ratio will be. When you are in this situation, slowly but surely you will drive your opponents further away and as you do this, they will either bail or go into deeper space and no longer able to reach you. This will naturally give you the advantage in the rummy game.

On the other hand, if you are already in deep space, you have to move slowly and spread out. You want to build up speed gradually. As your speed increases, you will find yourself able to win the races much easier, and you will also be able to chase your opponent’s even faster.

Know your opponent’s tendencies

Know your opponent’s tendencies and know what makes them tick. Also, try to know what moves and how to beat them. For example, if your opponent loves to spread out on the turn, you can practice an eye-catching move like holding his hand and throwing it right away.

Other than how to spread and how to slow down, the other basic principle in playing rummy is to learn how to beat your opponents. To do this, you have to know how to tell who your opponents are and then knowing exactly how you can defeat them.

Knowing your opponent’s flaws

Knowing your opponent’s flaws will help you in beating them in a few seconds. Every player has different personalities and different emotions, so you need to learn how to recognize them before you can break through the ice and defeat your opponent. These are the basic fundamentals of how to play rummy.

So if you really want to know how to play rummy, then you have to start learning from the ground up. To get a better understanding of the game, you need to learn all the basics first, and then as you progress, you can get better and learn more advanced techniques, strategies and nuances.

An ultimate poker guide for beginners 

If you are interested in playing poker and are new to the game then, you are knocking at the right door. We are here with the ultimate guide to answer the commonly asked question i.e. how to play poker for beginners

One of the commonly played variants of poker is Texas Holdem. This game is easy to play but hard to master. This game involves both, amateur as well as professional players who have mastered the skills through sheer determination and focus. 

Basics of Poker

  • Poker is played from the standard deck of 52 cards ranked from high to low as Ace, King, Queen, Jack,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,Ace  (Ace can be both high or low accordingly). 
  • There are four suits in the deck as spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs all at the same rank.
  • A best five card combination has to be formed depending on the hand ranking. The highest combination wins.
  • The game can be played between 2 to 9 players at the table with a mixed combination of beginners as well as top poker players.

How to play Poker

  • The game begins with every player receiving 2 cards face-down, known as hole cards or individual cards.  
  • One position acts as a dealer also referred to as a button that indicates the starting point of the game which rotates clockwise after every hand played.
  • Players to the left of the dealer button are small and big blind that put the forced bets predefined by the system.
  • After every player is dealt two hole cards, the first betting round follows where the player immediately left to the big blind can call (the same bet as big blind), raise(putting more money than Big Blind) or can fold (not participating in a particular hand).
  • Betting continues clockwise to each player with an option to call, raise or fold.
  • After this, three face up community cards are dealt on the board and the round is known as flop round followed by a clockwise betting round.
  • Once the bets are equal, the fourth face up community card is dealt known as Turn round also followed by a clockwise betting round.
  • The final round of betting where the fifth face up community card shows up known as River round. 

How the best combinations forms

A player has a choice to use the hole cards along with the community cards in any one of the forms below: 

0 Hole cards & 5 Community cards ( also known as play the board)

1 Hole card & 4 Community cards

2 Hole cards & 3 Community cards

Knowing the hand rankings order(Highest to lowest)

  • Royal Flush (All high cards of the same suit in a sequence
  • Straight Flush (A sequence of same suit e.g.4,5,6,7,8 of hearts)
  • Four of a Kind (Four cards of same rank of mixed suit, e.g. A-A-A-A-5)
  • Full House (Three cards of same rank added with two cards of same rank of mixed suit e.g. 3-3-3-A-A)
  • Flush (All cards of the same suit in a mixed sequence e.g. 5,9,A,J,3 of Diamond)
  • Straight (All cards in a sequence of mixed suit such as 7-6-5-4-3)
  • Three of a kind (Three cards of the same rank such as 5-5-5-A-J)
  • Two-pair (Two cards of the same value with another two cards of the same value, such as 9-9-5-5-A)
  • One Pair (Any two cards of the same value such as J-J-2-4-A)
  • High Card (Highest card when no rank follows)

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I hope this beginners guide will help you start the journey.  Good luck!

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