Lena Dunham and the Spanx Liberation Movement

“That doesn’t mean I haven’t felt disgusted by a lot of bodies in lockdown,” she said. He is not a fan of some current vocabulary of terms like “plus” or “curb” or “body positive”.

“The thing that’s complicated about the positive movement of the body,” he said, “it can happen to privileged people who have a body that wants to make people feel positive. We want such a curvy body that Kim Look like a Kardashian. We want big beautiful butts and big beautiful breasts and there are no cellulite and faces that look like you can smooch them to thin women. “

“I have a big belly, I always have. This is why I gain weight – especially after early menopause, I have a straight intestine like an old man, and this is not where anyone wants to see meat. It is not that if I posted a sensual nude of my own on Instagram, people would be surprised at my beautiful diarrhea. “

As she said this, she did not make an angry or sad voice or as if she was clinging to the man. He resigned himself and looked happy. She was sitting in a very white room with a chimney, wearing a cable-knit cardigan and lots of rings on her fingers. His hair was long, and his bangs were short. In the middle of the conversation, she suddenly starts to swing on a sandwich, making her laugh.

“It seems appropriate for this interview that I eat this big baguette,” she said.

Ms. Dunham was considering getting into fashion long before the epidemic began. She originally thought she would make a full collection from sizes 0 to 20, because … well, she doesn’t really measure half that much. In addition, she is smart enough, and does enough research, to know that women designers have a proud history in the business because they know what’s missing, whether it’s Coco Chanel or Donna Karan or even That Olens. But, she said, “I didn’t know that much about the infrastructure.”

In 2019, she met 11 Honor owner and founder Patrick Herring, where she often used to be a shopkeeper. The two sued for plus-size figures and began preparing a plan. Because Mr. Herring recently introduced a private label line, he had supply chain and design staff for Ms. Dunham. He had ideas to bring.

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