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mahalbharti portal 2021 registration and login can be done online @ mahalbharthi mobile app and information in marathi From rural areas, many citizens are not able to avail benefits of various government schemes. This happens to them due to lack of information. by providing Mahabharata Portal 2021. The government has taken a step for them. through this online platform. Citizens can easily know about the details of any scheme. The government of Maharashtra state is working on this. So that more and more people can get the benefits of the schemes.

mahabhari portal 2021

Nowadays, government schemes play an important role in the development of citizens. And this has led to the complete development of the state. There are a large number of people in our country, who are busy working for earning. For checking details through newspapers or through news. They don’t have much time. Due to lack of knowledge. People do not apply under the schemes provided by the governments.

Maharashtra State Government has released this Mahabharatti Portal online. And this will also help the people of rural areas. Also, people in rural areas lack technology. And because of this, they find it difficult to get updated with the knowledge of the latest schemes. So just by adding yourself, under this portal. People can get updates. About any scheme issued by Govt. The registered member must receive an automated message. About relevant project and schemes through Mahabharatti portal.

mahabharati registration 2021

This portal is a new portal launched by Maharashtra State Government. And all the details related to the released government scheme here. and updated by the concerned official’s team. After registration in the portal. The applicant will receive personalized messages from it. And then they can easily apply for the scheme under which they are eligible.

mahabhari portal registration 2021

mahabharat login 2021

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis has launched this scheme. So that the needy people can easily apply under the scheme. And the benefits, given by the government. Soon we will inform you about more government schemes.

Name of post mahabhari portal 2021 online
launched by Government of Maharashtra State
Advantage To get updates related to government schemes
beneficiaries citizens of Maharashtra
official link or

mahabhari app download

Various salient features of Mahabharatti Portal are:

  • For State Residence, Information Update: The main objective of the government is to help the citizen of Maharashtra. So here all the information related to the scheme. And the applicant can easily apply. With proper knowledge under the scheme.
  • List of all welfare schemes: The total number of schemes updated so far is 229. All the schemes are operational in the state itself. As the government is also releasing many more schemes. So to give benefit to the needy people. If you want proper knowledge. Or detailed information related to any scheme. Under the Government of Maharashtra. Then this portal is the only solution for your need.
  • State as well as Central Schemes: Schemes applicable for the state of Maharashtra. Whether from the state government or the central government has updated on this portal. With this people can get more benefits given by the government.
  • Search Result Personalized: Once you have applied under this portal. And then you are a registered member. As per the details uploaded and filled by you. The notification about the scheme is related to your details. It will send you directly to your registered mobile number. So, register with the correct information.
  • Relevant Scheme Related Updates: Whenever a scheme is updated by the Govt. Like some benefits are added or some are decreased. according to the needs of the people. Then Mahabharatti Portal details will also update. So that you can get all the correct information.
  • Application related information: Not only scheme details are available on this portal. But at the same time will also give related information from the concerned department or official link. Through which you can easily contact or apply for the respective application.
  • No reservation preference for registration. : On registering yourself, they are not any special conditions. Anyone can register on this portal. The only condition is that the applicant must be a citizen of Maharashtra state. So that they can get the benefits under the ongoing scheme. Since it is only for the citizens of Maharashtra. registration 2021

Mahabharatti Portal Working Process

  • On the portal, you can register officially.
  • Create login ID on the portal.
  • After registration, also get periodic updates and notifications.
  • All information related to the scheme is given.
  • Also, people can search the details related to any scheme. login login

Before there is any benefit under the scheme. Especially first of all, one needs to register himself. After the completion of official registration under the portal. Then they get all the updates related to the scheme. on the registered mobile number provided by them. So it will help the citizen of the state. And they can get updates faster.

Whenever you want the details through this Mahabharatti portal. Then you have to log in with username and password. that you have generated. on the portal at the time of registration. If you have also applied for any scheme. And now you want to edit any details in the application form. Then you can edit it too. After logging in, with your online account details.

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Once interested candidates, register them on the portal. Then they will receive the message. About the scheme launched by the state government. For which they are eligible as per their details. Follow the steps given below.

Mahabharatti Portal Registration Process

  • 1st Step: First the candidate has to visit the official link of Mahabharatti Portal.
  • 2nd step: Language option given above. The portal is set to Marathi language by default. If you want details in English language. Then the change is from the top right corner. The above option is given.

mahabhari portal 2021

  • 3rd Step: After choosing your language. Go to the Citizen Login tab given on the homepage.
  • 4th step: Click on New Registration option or Register Now. Now a new page has opened in front of you with the application form.
  • 5th step: Fill all the required information in the application form. When you register your mobile number. Then an OTP will be generated to you. And sent the message to your mobile. Enter that OTP as well. This process will also verify your mobile number.
  • 6th Step: After verifying the mobile number. Enter the remaining details.
  • 7th step: Finally click on Register/Submit button to complete the process.
  • 8th Step: After the completion of the registration. You will get a username and password. And it will be used to login to this Mahabharatti Portal Online.

Once you have completed all the procedures. You will get the complete details about the scheme related message. On your registered contact number, you have given. And the plan information is also based on the details. Information provided by you during registration on this portal. Thank you. Stay connected with us

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