Meaning, definition, uses, types of modulation in Hindi

Hello friends, today in this article we will know what is modulation. What is modulation meaning in Hindi? How does modulation work? What are the types of modulation? Along with this, we will also learn about the various components related to data transmission.

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What is Modulation (Modulation meaning in hindi)

It is used to send information as a signal over a long distance. Modulation is the process of converting a digital signal into an analog form. This is possible through modem (MODEM-Modulactor-Demodulator). A modem is an electrical device that sends a digital signal into an analog signal, and receives an analog signal by converting it into a digital signal.

There are three types of modulation

  1. Amplitude Modulation : In this process the amplitude of the carrier signal is changed to correspond to the digital signal containing the information.
  2. Frequency modulation : In this process the frequency of the carrier signal is changed to correspond to the digital signal containing the information.
  3. Phase Modulation : In this process the phase of the carrier signal is changed to that of the digital signal.

Data Transmission Service

The service which is used to send data from one place to another is called data transmission service. The provider of this service is called Data Transmission Service Provider. like-
VSNL-Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited
BSNL-Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
MTNL-Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited

Following are the data transmission services-

Dial up line :

Dial-up line refers to telephone connections that are connected to multiple lines and users in a system. It is used to establish communication by dialing a number like a telephone. It is also sometimes called switched line. It uses the already existing telephone service. Broadband technology is also used through a dial-up connection.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL):

It is a high speed internet service which provides online facility through cable. It uses the same copper telephone line as the dial-up service, but provides much faster speeds than the dial-up service. DSL service requires a DSL modem that connects a telephone line and a computer.

Leased Line

The leased line connects the two locations for voice and data telecommunications service. It is not just a dedicated cable, but it is actually a reserve circuit between two points. It is possible in more or less both distances. It is also called dedicated line. It is most commonly used by industries to connect their branch offices, as it guarantees bandwidth for network traffic.

ISDN-Integrated Services Digital Network:

Integrated service digital network is the transfer of voice, data and images through circuit-switched telephone networks. Under this service, voice, data or image is sent in digital form and hence remains completely free from noise. Multiple devices can be attached to this line, and used as needed.

That is, the ISDN line can take care of the entire communication system of the people. This service does not require a modem as the data exchange is in digital form.

Network Interface Card (NIC-Network Interface Card)

It is a hardware device that enables a computer to establish communication in a network. In a network, computers exchange data packets among themselves under a certain protocol.

Wireless Technology

Wireless technology as the name suggests is a wireless technology. That is, through it the transport of data takes place without wires or cables. The use of this technology also saves the cost of cables. In this technology, instead of cables, data is transferred by electromagnetic waves, microwaves, infrared waves, etc. Following are the applications of wireless technology – television remote control, cellular phone, Wi-Fi etc. Wi-MAX (WiMAX-World wide Interoperability for Microwave Access):

It is a digital wireless communication system. This technology provides up to 75 MB/s broadband speed without cable.

Wireless Local Loop(WLL-Wireless Local Loop)

It is a wireless communication system in which consumers connect to the network using radio frequency. It provides superior voice and high speed data capability. Wireless local loop technology is an effective service in places where the provision of a landline telephone connection is not possible. It is based on CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). Nowadays it is a popular tool for network.

what we learned

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