Meet Piper, a company which makes building and coding robots easy

Piper, a San Francisco-based company, has introduced the Piper Make Robotics Expedition Kit, a hands-on experience for building and coding robots at home.


piper An award-winning STEAM education company, Learning, Inc. has launched its new Piper Make Robotics campaign kit, which complements its existing making a piper Forum. The kit includes servo motors and custom laser cut wood pieces that can be assembled using engineering blueprints. This enables users to get started with story-based lessons on the company’s online platform.

This new robotics campaign kit gives kids a hands-on experience of building robots based on their imagination. With two kinetic creations—the Walker, the Ambulatory (quadruple), and the Rover, an omnidirectional (3-roller)—they can draw inspiration from the world around them to come up with robotics designs that are effortless, yet powerfully are accessible.

Available free of charge, the browser-based Make platform is compatible with Chromebooks and other computers. It leverages story-based lessons to inspire a practical construction process, rather than relying on a theoretical approach. Users can learn to physically build one with their Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller.

Plus, Piper Make is for everyone – from hobbyists to advanced users. With interactive, virtual representations of microcontrollers, translation of Google Blockly code into text-based circuitry Python, and much more, Piper Make is designed to empower anyone looking to learn the basics of hardware and coding.


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Customers can order their Robotics Expedition Kit at to experiment with their Piper Make Starter Kit. Each pack includes (4) servo motors, (2) servo wheels with tires, ultrasonic range finder, (13) laser cut, laser etched wood chipper, 3D printed sensor holder, screwdriver and jumper wires. Shipping of the Made in India kit is expected to start in March 2022; However, users can now order their kit on

The Piper Make Starter Kits, which include the Raspberry Pico microcontroller, are available as a one-time $49.99 purchase.

With the Piper Mech Robotics Campaign Kit, budding technocrats can engage in an interactive and gamified experience to enter STEM. It challenges them to hone their real-life problem-solving talents combined with creative computational thinking, logical reasoning and superior observational skills.

To experience the Robotics Expedition Kit, users will need a starter kit (Raspberry Pico, Breadboard, LEDs, Resistors, Switches and Wires), which they can use seamlessly with dozens of projects on the Piper Make platform. Five (5) new projects are also included with the Robotics Kit. Main features include:

  • Build your own robot: Users can start by using engineering blueprints to assemble their Walker and Rover robots and learn how the pieces fit together to allow the widgets to move. Designed to inspire creativity and critical thinking about robotic design and inspired by the natural world, these robots allow for the first time understanding the role of robotics – improving human functionality by mimicking repetitive tasks and Protecting what we usually do.
  • Create a Piper coding interface: Users can plug their connected robot into their Raspberry Pi Pico and visit Piper Make!, an easy-to-use online, drag-and-drop coding interface to program the robot to move! They can also access a reference library of user-friendly descriptions for use in new projects and creations, and seamlessly enhance the Piper experience. In addition, users can view the Python version of Google Blockly code in real-time and understand the relationship between text-based and visual programming while coding.
  • Raspberry Pi Pico: The powerful microcontroller from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is the newest on the market. Versatile and small, this board uses the new RP2040 microcontroller chip and features a powerful ARM M0 dual-core processor with programmable GPIO pins that make the potential applications endless.
  • Chromebook/Classroom Compatibility: The Piper Make coding interface is accessible from a browser, allowing users to plug in their Pico and start prototyping immediately. Piper Make is ideally suited for collaboration and distance learning – visible during screen-sharing and with “Build Your Own Project” features to allow students to code projects and share them with classmates and teachers with. Built on the foundation of Piper Premium Curriculum, the Piper Make platform features standards-aligned lessons to make teacher experiences enjoyable.

Pricing and Availability:

• Piper Make Interface: Free, accessible at

• Piper Make Starter Kit: Piper Website, $49.99

• Piper Make Robotics Expedition Kit: Piper Website, $99.99

• Piper Make Starter + Robotics Campaign Kit: Piper Website, $129 for a Limited Time Only*

**Ordering currently available on, Made in India kit available on for shipping in March 2022.

About Piper

Established in 2014, Piper, Inc. Steam is an award winning edtech start-up that provides the best of Steam education opportunities. From its headquarters in San Francisco, CA, Piper creates engaging STEAM learning experiences for individual learners and schools. Through student-centered, hands-on STEAM education experiences that reflect the most current pedagogy, Piper supports teachers, students, and the classroom. Piper builds confidence in Steam through project-based learning, spreading digital flows to students and learners of all backgrounds, and inspiring the inventors of tomorrow.

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Mr. Bose

Co-founder, Piper Inc.

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Disclaimer: This article was produced by the MediaWire team on behalf of Piper.

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