Mehndi design you must try to embrace the special occasion

Mehndi design you must try to embrace the special occasion

Mehndi design is one of the attractive apparel which adds the beauty of one by covering their hands with beautiful designs. In special occasions, people tend to wear a beautiful dress, footwear, and jewels. But the elegant and good looks can be achieved only after covering their hands with henna or mehndi.

Mehndi designs are originated by Egyptians long ago as a part of body art and later came into India. Nowadays it is mixed in our traditional culture to cover hands with beautiful designs. There are different types of mehndi designs which people tend to use for different occasions.

Mehndi Design
Mehndi Design

Indian design

This design is very complicated and it holds a lot of meaning for each stroke. Most of the designs in this category are inspired by nature. Indian design is eye catchy, as they have a creative design with traditional information. Some of the mehndi designs are a floral pattern, mango artwork, royal architecture, peacock, etc. These designs are worn on special occasions such as Marriages, etc. Indian design is famous for bridal art as it covers legs and hands.

Arabic designs

It is exactly a counterpart of Indian design as its design has more empty space, but it looks more attractive because of lesser details. It is also widely spread among the youth, as it takes comparatively less time to complete the art. This design is suitable for any festive, function. These designs are so versatile.

Western designs

These designs have a straight patch pattern and have a decorative outline. This design occupies the palm region and is avoided in the wrist. These designs can be applied even on shoulders which suits western costumes. In recent times, mehndi replaces the tattoos as they can be worn with less pain and easily replaced once the design fades out. These designs can be worn for any kind of outfit.

Moroccan designs

Moroccan designs have a geometric pattern design. They don’t have any curves, flowers in their designs. Their designs are inspired by tribal symbols. This design is very attractive and also has an elegant feel to it. These designs are unique.

Glitter western designs

Glitters add beauty to the designs. These glitters are added to Arabic design along the borders which magnify the beauty of the artwork. These glitters are easily removed by washing the hands. These designs will have an attractive look if it is combined with a dress with a glittering finish.

There are a lot of mehndi designs with a unique style. People tend to cover their hands with beautiful designs. They get an energetic and motivational feel once their hands are filled with designs. In marriages, not only the bride and groom but also their relatives are equipped with beautiful mehndi’s. Nowadays people hire mehndi artist one day before the main festival event so, everyone can have their hands filled with color and designs.

A traditional Indian bride is incomplete without adorning a beautiful Mehndi design on her wedding day. Mehndi enhances the beauty of bridal queen. The design stretches from finger to elbow in hand and also up to ankle in the leg. So, mehndi plays a crucial role in making the best day with your special one.

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