Momoispimpin A Tiktok User? Viral After User Posts A Police-Designed Video

Momoispimpin is one of the TikTok user, became a viral sensation via the app as well as on social media after she uploaded an image of her being beaten by police. The video has since been removed from the site but not before it was spotted and widely shared. The terrifying nature of this video attracted a lot of attention from people.


Momoispimpin is Momoispimpin is TikTok user who has 12.2k users on his app as well as 355.6k followers who like his videos. Momo is, on the contrary she did not share any information about herself on the internet. Presently she TikTok founder has only two videos posted on his profile: one of him slicing his hair, and the other of shaking a water bottle in order to make it freeze. The second video was a documentary made during a debate with the authorities of the United States that quickly became well-known through the Internet. @momoispimpin – My superpower has finally been was revealed! #magic #aquafina#workflow Superpower original sound MoMoIsPimpin’ – MoMoIsPimpin

WHAT STOPPED UP in the clip?

In the deleted scene Momoispimpin is seen in her car while cops instruct her to leave. The police tell that he should open the door and remove his seat belt in a safe manner. A policeman armed with a gun is escorting Momoispimpin and repeatedly asks him to shut his phone down. TikTok is unable to take its phone off insisting that it is for its own security. Police then confront him and force him to fall. “Was I in error at gunpoint at the time?” The note was written at the beginning of the clip. He could have secured my wrists by tying an iPhone in his palm …” Mario Cruz – Original audio – Mario Cruz


While it is not longer online However, several TikTok users have republished this video on the internet. Some are also responding to the content in video clips of their own. It is unclear how this incident was happening or what will happen next. Momo is yet to disclose the circumstances surrounding the account on TikTok accounts, but numerous users are eagerly waiting to hear from him when he will make the announcement.

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Original sound – cut

A user of TikTok Momoispimpin has become a viral sensation through the app and social media after sharing footage of himself being taken away by the police.

The clip has since been removed, but not until it was recorded extensively shared via social media.

A lot of users have commented on the disturbing content of the video.

Beware: Content that contains sensitive information

What are Momoispimpin to be on TikTok?

Momoispimpin is Momoispimpin is a TikTok user with 12.2k fans on the platform, and the videos he uploads include 355.6k likes. But, Momo has not shared any information on himself online.

The TikTok creator has only two videos uploaded to his account right now One video shows the hairstyle he is wearing and another video of him shaking a bottle full of water to cause it to freeze.

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The third video featured a video of him during an encounter with police in the US and quickly became viral on the internet.

What was the storyline in the clip?

In the deleted clip Momoispimpin was seen in his vehicle while police demanded that he get out.

The police request him to open the doors and slowly remove the seat belt. The officer seems to be carrying the gun. He frequently asks Momoispimpin to take his phone off.

The TikToker is repeatedly refusing to take his phone off and claims it’s for his own safety. The TikToker is then questioned by police officers and taken to the ground and tasered.

The original caption for this video Memo recorded: “Was I in the wrong when I was in the middle of a gunfight? He could’ve easily cuffed me wrists while holding the phone in hands …”

TikTokers respond to videos within the app

While that original clip is no longer accessible for viewing However, others TikTok users have republished videos online. There are many people reacting to the content of video clips of their own.

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