Nevada Regulators Seek Fines for Face Mask Issues

The Nevada Gaming Control Board recently investigated complaints against casinos about health and safety concerns, especially regarding face mask issues. Now they have published the specific violations as well as the names and properties.

The complaints allege that state inspectors would have seen employees or patrons without facewear or improperly worn them on repeated visits several days apart. Records showed that complaints had been filed against COD Casino in Minden since last Friday.

The Nevada & Gambling Hall hotel in Ely was also caught violating government mandates. A regulatory agency found that casino staff turned to customers while an agent was taking photos and apparently told them not to wear facewear and that bar-top slot machines were turned on and available to play, the complaint said .

Not yet a word on what the punishment for these properties could be, but the Control Board’s fines want to be imposed. Visit Yogo Net for more information on these problems with face masks.