Nevada Worries of Second Vegas Casino Closure • This Week in Gambling

Nobody wants to talk about it, but further closure of the Vegas casino is a big problem for Nevada business owners. The number of coronavirus cases is increasing again in the state and country. Nevada COVID-19 response director, Caleb Cage, said the state’s rebound is not yet due to a “second wave” and is likely due to improved test access.

Neighboring Arizona and Utah are also in the midst of an increase in COVID-19 cases a few weeks after the easing of business restrictions. A Arizona county health official was concerned that more testing was not the only factor in the top.

“We are receiving reports of nearly 600 cases a day, compared to nearly 200 cases a day two weeks ago,” said Sonia Singh, spokeswoman for public health in Maricopa County, on Wednesday. “We know that there are not only more tests, but also a wider distribution.”

For more information on the possibility of a second Vegas Casino closure, see the Review Journal.