New Legal Online Bookmakers • This Week in Gambling

An important step for successful betting on your favorite sports is finding a legal online bookmark. Numerous bookmakers are published every year, some with the right intentions, while others could be cheaters.

So if you are looking for a bookmark, make sure it has the right license to run its business. Apart from that, new bookmakers are known to have the best odds and show the most popular and latest events. They also understand the competitive market and thus ensure that they provide top services. This guide lists some of the best and newest legal online bookmakers. Our list contains only licensed and trustworthy sports betting.

Volcano Bet

Vulkan Bet is a highly respected bookmark known for offering the best sports odds and bonuses for regular customers. This is a must for any serious bettor looking for a website that makes them feel at home.

With Vulkan Bet, players can bet on numerous events for various sports such as football, baseball, tennis, golf, horse racing, basketball, ice hockey and much more. The platform regularly updates the scoreboard and informs the weather of upcoming events.

A major advantage of this website is that it enables in-game betting. This means that you can bet on your favorite sports during the game. This is an even bigger bonus as you can change your predictions if something happens.

In addition to sports, there are also casino games in Vulkan Bet Esport betting. So you can not only bet on common sports disciplines, but also on electronic sports like DOTA 2, Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six. The platform allows you to watch live events from such games and even predict the scores of your favorite teams or players. Vulkan Bet always offers the best odds for different tournaments in advance so you can check them before betting.

Bet winner

Betwinner was founded in 2018 and is another new bookmark. It has managed to attract the attention of many bettors thanks to its high chances of winning and bonuses. The casino is licensed by the government of Curacao. It offers thousands of live events from over 55 sporting activities almost every day. Some of the sports tournaments you can watch from Betwinner are NBA, La Liga, Euroleague, etc.

The minimum deposit for betting in this sportsbook is € 0.20. The platform also offers several banking methods with extensive currency options.


BetRegal is a European bookmaker founded in 2017. The company operates from Malta and is licensed by British Gambling Commission. This platform is customer-oriented and thus ensures that all of their customers receive an extraordinary betting experience.

The user interface is filled with golden and purple colors that are easy on the eyes. You only need at least $ 10 to bet on this website. The maximum bet depends on your budget and the type of sports you are betting on. In addition, BetRegal is a legal gaming platform that tries to find its way into the world through numerous live events and user-friendly design.

Why choose a new legal online bookmaker?

Choosing a new sportsbook is no easy task. However, it depends on what the weather wants. The reasons may be numerous, but you can enjoy several general advantages from a good-looking interface to better chances. Here are some reasons to look for a new bookmark.

  • Better chances: The industry is wild and full of bookmakers of all kinds. For this reason, new betting websites will try everything to appeal to customers. An effective way to do this is to provide high and better chances than their competitors.
  • Bigger bonuses:Just like better chances of winning, new websites give their customers lucrative bonuses. Newbies want speculators to take them into account and therefore reward them with frequent bonuses and promotions. Such bonuses are intended to increase your winnings with free money other than your money. Besides, who doesn’t like a juicy bonus that isn’t offered by any other party?
  • Nice surface: So many aspects contribute to a player’s betting experience. This includes things like bonuses, chances of winning, payouts, customer service etc. In addition to these elements, a user interface also plays a major role. If the platform has a fresh look with inviting graphics, chances are that customers will flood it. In addition, it must be user-friendly for everyone, including newbies.

There are many bookmakers on the market and new ones are born every year. As a result, scammers could appear in the middle and give some players their worst nightmare. But you don’t have to be. Before choosing a platform, make sure that it has a license from the relevant authorities. You can also take advantage of the great benefits of these new websites.

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