New Mexico Is Set to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

New Mexico was determined to be the 16th state, as antidrugs are joining a national movement to rethink laws, which are aimed at racial justice and the economy, after passing a bill by the Legislature on Wednesday. Being seen as a hindrance.

Democratic government governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said she would sign the bill, which would also disclose the criminal records of people possessing marijuana for personal use. She said in a statement that workers, entrepreneurs and the government would benefit from the new industry, which would generate employment and tax revenues.

“And those who have been harmed by this country’s failed war on drugs, proportionate to communities of color, will benefit from our state’s smart, fair, and equal-level new perspectives with low-level objections Huh.”

Bill passed the same day New York State legalized recreational marijuana. Lawmakers from both states said they were inspired to build a legal, tax-revenue-generating industry that previously operated underground, and end arrests for low-level crimes.

under which New mexico law, People over 21 will be allowed up to two ounces of marijuana, and individuals can have up to six plants in their home, or up to 12 per household. Sales will not begin after April 2022 and will be taxed at 12 percent, which will eventually become 18 percent, and gross receipts tax.

According to the fiscal analysis, the industry will be regulated by the state and will produce an estimated $ 20 million for the state in 2023, as well as $ 10 million for local governments. Cited by Albuquerque Journal.

The New Mexico measure is part of a growing consensus in favor of marijuana decriminalization in the United States, with 91 percent of Americans supporting legal medical or recreational use in 2019, Pew Research Center. Voters in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota opted to legalize recreational marijuana in November, while Mississippi and South Dakota became the 34th and 35th states to allow medical marijuana.

The New Mexico bill passed over Republican objections, but not all were opposed to legalization; Some bus Bumped into detailsHow the industry will be taxed, licensed and regulated, incl.

Supporters, including senior director Emily Kaltenbach for resident states and New Mexico for Drug Policy Alliance, praised the passage of the legislation.

“Today’s passage of the cannabis legalization and expenditure package will ensure equal opportunities for farmers and other small businesses, and will lead to more justice as well as automated exclusion over the long term,” it said in a statement.

Under the new law, about 100 prisoners would have reconsidered their sentence, According to the Associated Press.

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