New York Times Reporter Tries Equus Horse Experience

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The last time Cavity Weaver revealed the person, he spent most of his time communing with the horse.

Ms. Weaver, a member of The Styles Desk of The New York Times, landed in Santa Fe, N.M., last March to try Equus, A horse experience that is offered primarily through two- and four-hour sessions and who has A long list of famous customers Such as Bette Midler and Jeff Bezos; The program’s website encourages customers to “visualize the life you truly deserve.”

His trainer told him that the horses would reproduce “what’s true in you” – if only they would be receptive to the signals they were sending.

“I’ve heard most of the birds and the wind,” Ms. Weaver said. “But I talked to customers who said it helped them a lot, so results may vary.”

Article, Which was published in the previous week, was postponed for a time as Ms. Weaver was often dragged out on epidemic-related assignments. In a recent conversation, he pondered on how Equus crossed his radar and what his own experience was like.

How long does this story work?

I visited last March. I was going to be in New Mexico anyway, and I was finding something interesting to do, so I only dealt with it while living in that area. It has not been a year of work. It’s just that I’ve just been around to finish it!

What was your experience with horses before?

I threw a horse at my friend’s 11th birthday party – it was stung by a bee or bitten by a bug – and I haven’t spent much time since them. I was ready to fumble with the horses, but I was relieved to know that I would not have to bother. Equestrianism is not a part of the equus.

What did you know about Equus before coming to Santa Fe?

not much. They do not intentionally keep a lot of pictures on their website. The founders told me that they do not want people to come up with a specific idea about their experience, because then if it works differently, customers may be disappointed.

So is it elevated to “I need to try this”?

One thing you always wonder with an interesting experience is, “Is anyone really paying to do this?” And often, the answer is no. But the customer list was so impressive – Margaret Atwood, Microsoft, a lot of other names that I recognized. So I was curious to go out of it and get out, probably whatever they were getting out of it. Bette would be good for my life as Bette Midler – I think.

In which detail did you spend the most time to track down?

Finding out how far you have to go to share a common ancestor to humans and horses. I spent some time in research and talked to many fossil scientists about it.

Have you reached any celebrity clients?

I spoke to people working at recognized companies like REI and Microsoft, who brought in Equis to work with their teams. It’s not cheap, and I wanted to know if it was a difficult expense to justify. They said no. They are satisfied that it results.

What are some of the fun or unexpected ones you’ve learned?

Candace Crony, a professor of animal behavior and welfare at Purdue University, told me from the way you think about horses that you think of a cat – they are not like dogs, who want to be with you and pay attention. A horse doesn’t really want to be the main thing – maybe it wants to be petting and stacked, maybe it isn’t. I did not learn that before leaving, but if I ever meet another horse, I will treat it like a big cat.

How did your perception of Equus change by the end of your experience?

I did not know what was expected to come and there was no clear idea of ​​the comparison and vice versa. So maybe the strategy of not having a lot of pictures on the website works.

How close are you to living the life you’ve always dreamed of?

My life is definitely not bad now. I think it is impossible to know how impossible it is to attribute this to Equus. It would have involved far more horse participation than my life otherwise.

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