Nitrous Nation: A Party Drug Endures

Mr. Hsieh was one Regular Attendee The Man of the Burning, Nevada festival has been popular among the tech elite in recent years. It is one of the most prominent events that have been trying to catch hippie zetgeists in recent decades, and nitrous is popular there.

The Burning Man forums are full of tips for users, encouraging them to recycle their canisters and Avoid throwing them into the fire Lest they explode. A Nitrous Oxide Supply Company Also Called Cream Right The burning man was left. An essay about Silicon Valley culture published in N + 1 in 2017 Author Anna Weiner describes A party that “feels like a common occurrence in the Burning Man of Seasons -“Whips, face paint, high design vaporizers. “

Ishaan Chugh, 30, was introduced to nitrous oxide at a Silicon Valley party. The year was 2013, and he was frequently present along with the tech world. A friend first showed him how to do this using a whipping cream dispenser.

“It’s a quick high, 15 seconds, you get a buzz and you lift a lot and feel positive,” said Mr. Chugh, who at the time was trying to get a tech start-up. “Versus feeling sad, which is what you feel when you run a company that is not doing very well.”

The habit of an accidental whippet changed over three years of heavy use of a powerful anesthetic.

Mr. Chugh believes that the utopian ethos of the tech world makes people sensitive to this drug as it expands the mind. “Many people in Silicon Valley are very quiet by nature,” he said. “Nitrous, in the early days, causes some kind of insight or illusion of insight into consciousness.”

Ultimately, though, this leads to the illusory belief that medicine is “really good for you, and that you found something miraculous that the rest of the world doesn’t know about.”

Only after losing his company – and damaging many relationships – did Mr. Chugh seek treatment. He returned home to India with his parents. “Many of the things that I found in life were gone forever,” he said. “When you realize that no matter how attractive it may be, you’ve just sucked into something really monstrous.”

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