One More Day Before Online Gambling Bill Markup

After months of waiting, online gambling customers in the U.S. have to wait a day before Barney Frank’s bill is flagged.

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Barney Frank’s proposal for detailed licensing and regulation of online gaming providers will have at least one more shift as the House Financial Services Committee could close other deals in time to address the problem today. Chairman Frank announced that the group would return tomorrow afternoon and that the online casino measure would be the first deal.

The Congress Committee schedule provided that the Internet gambling law was listed as the third of seven laws to be reviewed on Tuesday. However, a series of proposed amendments to the two previous laws, each relating to public housing, caused protracted debates and numerous votes. The resulting delays and a healthy three-hour break made the decision to end the day shortly before 6 p.m.

Frank’s measure is designed to address the numerous shortcomings that have been exposed by the problematic ban on UIGEA online gambling. The ban has confused, angered, and weighed on a variety of interests with its awkward, unsuccessful, and poorly planned attempt to block Internet gambling sites.

According to experts from the financial industry, the internet authorities and government officials, the Frank bill will serve better to protect consumers, prevent fraud, prevent money laundering and abuse by young people and protect against problematic gambling than the UIGEA. While enforcing the UIGEA would cost the federal government a lot, Frank’s earnings would bring the US $ 10 billion or more over the next ten years.

Nevertheless, the bill is expected to face violent opposition, led by representative Spencer Bachus. Bachus is closely associated with the social conservatives, whose political agenda is to deny players freedom of choice.

Internet gaming players are being asked by industry news sites to write their congressional delegates and express their opinions. Information about which congress members refer to which constituents can be found here:

Link to representatives by district

Link to the senators by state

Published on July 27, 2010 by TomWeston

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