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Welcome. Me ona, w. V. I recently received a letter from Karen Mencotti.

I am overwhelmed with guilt accepting this, but am finally enjoying the house for months. Not a part of fear and tragedy, but a part of social deprivation. As a reclusive retiree, it is heaven to realize that I have no obligation to meet for dinner, nor do I expect some visitors. Best! I’m going back to “normal” rather. I am studying, indulging in crafts and saving socialization for the family – every three or four months.

I am thinking of Karen and others who have written – some sheepishly, others proudly – confessing to a preference for staying home and fear of returning to pre-quarantine activity and industry.

Even those of us who are craving more human interaction, more distraction and travel and general commuting and going can find the things we loved in the lethargy and interiority of the previous year. If we are lucky, the time inside us is still culturally rich, full of things to see, read and cook. Our Clothes are more comfortable, Our calendars are probably more manageable.

It is a luxury, of course, to stay inside, away from the outside where the virus threatens. I understand Karen’s guilt, her inner conflict. This year has been full of suffering, and isolation has been cruel to so many people.

But it is natural to have mixed feelings about another non-existent diversion, another unfamiliar transition: from closure to opening here at home To Out in the world.

So how do we do it? Slowly, with care. “I’d say we’re less afraid, but not fear-free,” one person told reporter Jennifer Steinhauer Life after vaccination. Small outdoor gathering for now. travel plan Down the road, because we’re still working How does vaccine affect transmission. It’s a good time Dreaming And planning is plotting our futures, but still stays close to home when we can.

At home, where a man found what he insisted on Shrimp Tails in a Box of Shrimp Toast Crunch. Where were Spring break And is taking our fashion cues from Costume designer. The parents are still screaming, digging ever deeper into streaming libraries for cinephiles Something good to see.

We are stepping out from behind the scenes into a world that is stirring. How much will we protect it in domestic life? How much will we leave behind?

Bianca is an audio producer at Jiaver Times. These are her top 5 documentaries that focus on a single person.

1. Mayor”(2020). The documentary follows Ramallah Mayor Moses Hadid in the West Bank, as he manages a municipality under Israeli occupation.

2. “”Cruise“(nineteen ninety eight). A New York City love letter starring tour bus guide Speed ​​Levich.

3. “”Show about the show”(2015). Filmmaker Cave Zahedi takes us through an in-depth exploration of his daily life, his relationships and his own psyche.

4. “American movie”(1999). A documentary about filmmaker Mark Borchard’s struggle to make a horror film in small town Wisconsin.

5. “Actress”(2014). Director Robert Green drew inspiration from his neighbor Brandi Bere, a stay-at-home mom trying to resume her acting career.

What elements of life will you be sorry to let go during the epidemic? Which people would you try to protect? tell us: Include your full name and location and we can use your contribution in a future newspaper. We are doing At home. We will read every letter sent. More ideas to lead a good life at or around the house appear below. See you on friday

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