Parler CEO John Matze Says He Was Fired

John Matt, Chief Executive Officer Social media platform embraced Parler, Said on Wednesday that he was fired last week.

The 27-year-old, who co-founded the site in 2018, said in an interview that he was not given an explanation for the decision. He said he believes he was fired because of differences with prominent Republican political donor Rebekah Mercer, who financially supports Parler.

Ms. Mercer, he said, does not appear to want any restrictions on what users can say on Parler, which has billed itself as a “free speech” social network. While that open philosophy made the site popular with conservatives, it also caused trouble.

Last month, Parler stripped of Booted from Apple’s and Google’s App Store and from Amazon’s web-hosting platform to remove and delete posts that tried to incite violence or crime.

“I have always been free speech and welcoming to all. I was never about conservative political activism, ”Mr. Mattez said. But he said he had told Ms. Mercer that ranging from posting on stage, Parler needed to consider banning baseless Trump conspiracy theories, including domestic terrorists, white supremacists and members of QAnon.

“I received dead silence as a response, and I took that dead silence as a disagreement,” he said.

Millions of people used to come for Parlar, A platform similar to Twitter, after the November presidential election, when mainstream sites such as Facebook and Twitter became more aggressive about hate speech and misinformation. Last month, former President Donald J. After a crowd of Trump supporters, a storm occurred in the US Capitol, partly at Mr. Trump’s insistence, Twitter and Facebook cut him off Completely from their sites.

But parlors were not able to capitalize on the interest they received from long-term right-wing users. After Apple, Google and Amazon declined to work with the company, citing Parler’s lack of policing of its platform, the site went dark on January 11.

Mr. Parzal was trying to find a way to get back online. company Sued amazon For contradictory violations last month. Parler also asked for help Russian Internet Security Company, DDoS-Guard, to regain a basic webpage, although users have been unable to post.

Neither a Parel spokesperson nor Ms. Mercer responded immediately to requests for comment.

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