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People who look younger than their age live longer – scientific discovery

A team of researchers led by Professor Christensen from the University of Southern Denmark has concluded based on their studies that people who look younger than their age have a longer life.

A research paper related to this study has recently been published in the British Medical Journal. It has been told in this research paper that people who look younger than their age live longer. Whereas people who look older than their age have a short life.

Professors doing research on this In a study of 7 years, 367 pairs of twin siblings aged 70 to 80 years were selected. And this study found that among identical-age twins, the person who was not older died earlier. But it looked big.

Scientists have attributed this conclusion to telomeres, the main part of the person’s DNA. People in whom their height is short. The signs of old age start showing in them very soon. Whereas more young looking people have longer telomeres.

Scientists discover new way to reduce obesity

Many people are very fond of eating but are unable to eat much due to the fear of increasing obesity. But now you don’t need to be afraid of obesity.

Now you can eat whatever you like. You Won’t Get Fat Scientists have found a way to control the gallery-building genes in your diet. If a gene called perilipin-2 is neutralised.

Then he will not be able to store the high calories of food due to which the body weight and cholesterol will slow down. Tufts University in the United States on this topic scientists has done significant research.

These scientists found in their research done on mice that there was no significant effect on the weight of the mice that had been inactivated even after eating a lot of food.

These scientists told in their research that the perilipin-2 gene is responsible for weight gain due to overeating in humans. Due to which by inactivating it obesity and diabetes Diseases like these can be prevented.

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