Perfect Timing for a Free Wedding in Austin

Lolly May Martin and Taylor Brittany Manao married five years later. But they say that they really fell so hard and so fast for each other that they wanted to get married only six months later.

Ms. Mano’s mother strongly suggested that they wait. “He told that we still have a lot to learn about each other. So, we waited, ”says Ms. Martin.

Ms. Martin, 31, is studying in paralegal studies at Austin Community College and began an internship at the Stewart law firm in Austin, Texas on 18 January. Farm in Sheridan, Texas. They live in Round Rock, Texas.

They met on August 11, 2012, when Ms. Martin was on her birthday in Austin. “I saw Taylor from all over the room and I remember thinking ‘Wow, that girl is amazingly beautiful,” Ms Martin said.

Ms. Manao was also apparently taken along with Ms. Martin. When she closed her tab, she wrote her phone number on the back of her receipt before handing it over to Ms. Martin. But Ms. Martin also never saw it. “Nothing came out of ‘us’ later that night, but it was like the universe kept bringing us together,” Ms Martin said.

Nearly a year later, Ms. Martin took her Dachshund Marley to an event in Barton Springs. “It was a weenie dog swim. To my surprise, Taylor was in charge of the whole thing and also a judge. I was with my girlfriend at the time and so we did not have much conversation, but we were both very happy to see each other. Marley really won that day! “

Another year passed before they ran each other at the Pride event in Austin. “Taylor asked me that night why we never went on a date. The truth was that I was in a relationship, but I had never forgotten about her in all those years, nor could I, ”Ms. Martin said.

And then another year passed before seeing each other again. In 2015, Ms. Martin was working at the front door at another club and Ms. Mano moved in. “I knew at that moment that I would never let him out of my life again. When she left, I sent her a message and told her just that. She replies and says that she feels the same. “

They were together for three years when Ms. Martin went to Europe to study. After a month, Ms. Maano went to see him and surprised him by proposing on July 10, 2018 in Santorini, Greece.

When a white barn owl passed by them that night, Ms. Mano knew that this was the moment in which she should propose. Ms. Mannow’s grandfather had recently died; Ms. Taylor said she knew that Ms. Mano’s “platform” in attendance told her that she had approved.

Three months later, the couple went to their family’s lake house on Lake Linden B. Johnson to celebrate Ms. Martin’s birthday. There, it was Ms. Martin’s turn to get down with one knee and ask for Ms. Manno’s hand.

The couple planned to marry in October 2021, hoping that the Universal epidemic By then there will be a distant memory. “But lo and behold the universe was another plan for us,” Ms. Martin said.

On September 16, 2020, the couple attended the grand opening of Antebellum Oaks, an event space in Austin. The venue was offering a $ 20,000 wedding or event package. they won. There was a catch: the prize needed to be redeemed before February 28, 2021.

On January 8, 8 guests attended the outdoor ceremony performed by Ms. Mano’s mother, Patia Lynn Strickland, who is a Universal Life Minister.

Although cocktails were held outside the hour, the reception was held indoors. It easily fell below Texas state healthcare guidelines, requiring 75 percent or less of capacity to fill marriage sites.

“Most people wore masks and Kovid comfortably strapped wrists,” Ms Martin said. “We felt safe because most people had tested for Kovid before the incident.”

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