Personal Safety Tips for Women to Overcome the Dreadful Situations

Personal Safety Tips for Women to Overcome the Dreadful Situations

Personal Safety Tips: The sad truth is that we are surrounded by growing violent society where the threat of crime is pervasive. Women personal safety has now become an issue of concern for everyone, especially for women. On looking at this state of affairs, women have to be aware of self-defence and personal safety that may be useful at any point of their lives whenever they come across a fearful situation of being attacked or similar other.

Personal Safety Tips
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Thus, every woman should be aware of personal safety by having access to reliable safety information or by attending self-defence classes. The following lines discuss some effectual tips that women should take attentive of.

Women Travelers

As times are certainly rough, you should know what is happening around you. If you are a woman who travels alone during the night, you can ask your friends what route that you can take while travelling alone. If you are using a smartphone, you must install GPS which will be helpful in tracking you if you get trapped in an unexpected incident.

You can use your smartphone and download some safety apps available online. These apps are aimed at ensuring women’s safety. Some safety apps will be creating a loud scream to alert neighbouring people whereas others will be using texting your location to someone whom you have pre-selected from the contact list.

You can also carry sharp objects with you apart from a pepper spray. You can consider carrying a pocket knife which will be handy and helping you in injuring and distracting the attackers at the early stage.

Body language

Maintaining a positive body language definitely matters a lot. If you reveal out your fear, then it is meant that you are subjecting yourself to a great trouble. You should always look straight, have your head elevated and walk with confidence. Showing a confident body language will definitely send signals to the attacker.

You should understand the importance of bringing criminal activities to notice. If you do so, you are not only helping yourself but are also appearing as a role model for others. You should communicate with your parents and inform about the cops.

Learning self-defence

Learning self-defence is extremely crucial for all women. You can learn some martial arts that involve punches and kicks that help you in facing the situation. Should give punches and kicks with the objective of bringing the attacker down to the ground.

You can take advantage of speed dial facilities. It is one of the most efficient and the quickest way to call someone to rescue. You can save your parents, friends or colleagues number in the speed dial list. Contact them just by pressing one number.

You can take a pepper spray with you. However, you should make sure that the nozzle is not jammed as it would happen if you are not using it often. You can see a lot of pepper sprays in the market and try to invest on tin authentic one. You must not take the spray out of your handbag.


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