Pharmacies move to the forefront of the U.S. vaccine campaign.

Beginning on Friday, more vaccine shots will be given to Americans, beginning with a federal program that directly supplements drug stores and grocery store pharmacies.

The program will start with a short, One million vaccine dose Distributed to approximately 6,500 retail pharmacies. Over time, it will expand into 40,000 drugstores and groceries.

Although some states have begun to use limited amounts of retail pharmacies in recent weeks to administer dosing, the delivery of vaccines directly to pharmacies from the federal government marks a new chapter in the US vaccination campaign.

On Friday, Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid, among other retailers, will begin vaccinating eligible people at limited locations in the country based on state guidelines. Vulgance There will be vaccines available in 22 states and Puerto Rico; Sacrament aid Initially five states as well as Philadelphia and New York City would receive direct federal allocations; And Cvs Will offer vaccines in 18 states and Puerto Rico.

Those eligible to receive a dose can check pharmacy websites for availability, and many of the first appointment slots are already filled.

The federal program, which is not designed to cut the allocated doses to the states, begins a day after President Biden said his administration Every American adult had received sufficient vaccine doses to vaccinate. (The news came with a plea for patience: Mr. Biden said that logistic constraints would probably mean that many Americans would still not have been vaccinated by the end of the summer.)

Mr. Biden called the “huge” logistic challenge his administration faced on Thursday. “It’s one thing for the vaccine, it’s another thing for the commentators,” he said during an appearance at the National Institutes of Health.

He also expressed open frustration with the previous administration.

“While scientists did their work in the discovery of the vaccine in record time, my predecessor – I’ll be very blunt about it – didn’t do his job in preparing for the enormous challenge of vaccinating hundreds of crores,” Mr. Biden said.

Health officials in the Trump administration have backtracked on suggestions that pointed to hundreds of briefings that officials from the Department of Health and Human Services offered to the incoming health team, including vaccine allocation and distribution.

A deal for the 200 million additional vaccine doses announced on Thursday helps fulfill a promise Mr. Biden made in January to increase supplies to cover more populations. He then stated that the administration was signing a deal with two manufacturers, Pfizer and Modern, under its larger pledge, about which 300 million Americans may receive vaccine supplements. End of summer or beginning of fall.

On Thursday, he said his administration had “bought enough vaccines to vaccinate all Americans now.”

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