Planning a Party for Kids on a Budget

Planning a Party for Kids on a Budget

When you’re planning a party for kids, there are certain things you need to think about. There are invitations you can buy, games that can keep the kids busy, and drinks you can have that serve more than one purpose.

Games that make kids forget they’re blowing off steam

Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash for your kids or just want to entertain the hordes of tweens and teens that you adore, there are plenty of fun party games that will keep the adults occupied while the kids eat, sleep, and play. If you’re in charge of the entertainment, you might even be lucky enough to get some free swag to boot. Depending on the age group of the guests, there are a range of fun party games that can be played indoors and outdoors.

The ping-pong game is a classic. Kids can take on each other in a one-on-one battle to see who can knock over the most ping pong balls off a table. Alternatively, you can have them compete in teams.

In short, the ping pong game is a great way to entertain the kids at a baby shower or a family reunion. While it’s not as thrilling as a real life game of ping pong, the children will be able to enjoy some fun while having some quality family time.

While you’re at it, try the balloon waddle relay, which is a variant of the classic relay race. Rather than running around a circle with a balloon between your knees, each team member must run with a balloon in their hands. A fun twist on the relay game is to have a challenge for the winner to pop their balloon once they reach the finish line. Another fun variation is to toss a water balloon at each other.

Invitations that are cheaper than store-bought

There are many options when it comes to selecting invitations that are cheaper than store-bought. You may want to consider making your own or ordering a custom made party kit. Then you can send the finished product straight to your door.

The internet is also a great resource for this. Check out sites like Etsy, where you can buy custom printed invitations. It’s also worth visiting your local office supplies store. This is where you can purchase a number of fun and novelty items like take and toss plastic cups, or brown paper bags to wrap up any treats.

A birthday party for a child is a special event, but it doesn’t have to be a splurge. To save some cash, try planning a smaller bash with fewer guests. If you are hosting the birthday bash yourself, you can even opt for a cheap kid’s party cake.

One of the most expensive parts of planning a birthday party for a child is buying invitations. These cards can get pricey fast, especially if they are printed on a non-recyclable card. Also, if you plan on sending a lot of them out, you can find an address label to save you a few bucks.

Using the right technology can cut your costs considerably. For example, you can save a bundle by sending out digital invitations that you can print from your computer. Some websites even offer a free online template to help you get started. Likewise, you can even buy pre-made greeting cards or send out a custom invitation via email.

Lastly, don’t feel pressured to invite everyone in your child’s class. Although you’ll probably have a great time, limiting your guest list can keep the cost down.

While you’re at it, make sure to include a good photo of each guest to remember who gave you what. And don’t forget the hat trick – a big cooler of water, some fun food, and take and toss plastic cups. Having these essentials will make for a great birthday party! Besides, you can probably make a few dollars on the leftovers.

Drink cups that serve a dual purpose

When planning a party for kids, drink cups are essential. These two-in-one cups are the perfect choice for any event, from birthday parties to picnics. They’re durable and dishwasher-safe. Unlike traditional sippy cups, they have handles that make them easy to hold. Plus, they’re BPA and phthalate free. And they’re available in many different colors and designs.

If you’re looking for a cup that’s both spill-proof and easy to clean, the Gerber Graduates are the way to go. They’re a favorite among parents for their ability to prevent spills and stay stable when they’re set down. You can even buy them in a handleless version for older babes. The lids are a great way to keep the straw from leaking when they’re not in use.

Whether you’re hosting a brunch or a wine tasting, there’s a cup for you. The 8oz and 9oz sizes are ideal for most parties, and they’re perfect for both adults and children. In addition, you can get a set of four 8-ounce mason style glass cups with silicone straws to keep drinks cool.

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful, the Elk and Friends tumbler cups are a perfect choice. They’re available in many fun designs and come with four silicone straws with stoppers. Alternatively, you can choose a plastic cup from Thermos or Thermos Foogo. Both of these options are insulated and can be removed for growing toddlers. Their lids are easily washable, and their silicone straws are flexible and safe for your child’s mouth.

Another option is the Munchkin 360 spoutless trainer cup. This cup is designed to automatically create a leak-proof seal when not in use. Its two handles make it easy to hold and it has a large circumference, making it great for toddlers. However, it can leak if it’s dropped or hit on the ground.

Having the right type of cup for your child is important, and whether it’s a spoutless sippy or a lidded one is a matter of personal preference. Depending on the theme of your party, you may want to have your guests bring their own cups.

Setting up a budget

Setting up a budget for a party for kids doesn’t have to be hard. If you make a few simple adjustments, you’ll be able to keep costs down while making the party fun for your child.

Food is the number one expense for a children’s party. You can keep food costs down by choosing a day and time that isn’t when guests are eating. Instead, hold the party during the morning or afternoon when you know most guests will only be eating snacks.

Another way to keep expenses down is by focusing on free activities. Make your party a game night and have your kids play games such as pin the tail on the lion or duck-duck-goose. These inexpensive party games can be done at home, or you can take your party to a park or playground.

Keeping the cost of decorations low is another way to cut costs. Use items you already have or purchase them at a discount store. There are many free printable party packs available that include games, party signs, and cake toppers.

Another great way to save money is to throw a potluck. Invite friends and family to bring something to share. This will help reduce your expenses, especially if you don’t provide food or drinks.

One easy way to stick to a budget is to skip the loot bags. These can quickly add up. However, if you plan to give a gift, consider giving an activity favor that the kids can do at home.

Another thing you can do to reduce your expenses is to invite your child’s closest friends. These are people he or she can rely on for help with the party. For example, you may be able to rent a bounce house or have your neighbors lend you theirs.

Keep your guest list small. It’s better to have fewer people than to have too many. And remember to take into account your child’s age. A three-year-old is likely to have friends at school or a child care facility.

Using a gift tracker to keep track of your spending is a smart way to stay on track. This is especially important if you are planning a birthday party.

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