Podcasts to Listen to If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

It’s a cruel time to be single – even before Valentine’s Day shows. The spontaneous craze of a regular dating life has been replaced by rolling restrictions, dubious adherence to social-distance protocols, and a new meaning for “being tested”. And if you is You have been in a relationship for the past year, you might be wondering if you would still be together if you weren’t quarantine together. So whether your love life is in support of life or you haven’t been in touch for a very long time, here are four podcasts that really know how you feel and are ready to avoid advice, consolation and humor.

Let’s get it out this way: Nicole Baer is a national treasure. His impeccable timing and unfailing cheering him on Netflix’s “Nailed It!” Makes a delightful host of. Bake-off reality show, and podcast with Sasir Zamata, co-host of “Best Friends”. Hence why she is – despite her best efforts – the perpetual, painless single is actually a valid question to examine for 171 episodes and counting. Bayer joins fellow comedians, friends, therapists, drag queens and sometimes ex-lovers to get to the bottom of his prediction. She asks guests such as Ago Mayodim, Margaret Cho and Tiffany Hadish if they will date her, and gives advice as to what he is doing wrong. And because it is Bayer, the conversation is always uncritically hoarse, intimate and hilarious.

This is a story of redemption. After the happy marriage of journalist and radio producer Michelle Parij explodes due to infidelity, she seems to find herself together for what happened: not only for the relationship, but for the person she thought she was going to be. Was Needed. How she, around 40, a mother, binge drinking and extremely lonely, Now for the first time in her life she was forced to navigate dating and sex with strangers. Parise’s narrative vignettes pave her path to self-acceptance over three seasons, pulling you through her heart-breaking disappointment, bleak humor and sexual discovery, but ultimately a tale of resilience and beauty of new beginnings Writes Start with the first episode of this memoir podcast, and you’ll be paid tribute to Parise’s drug addiction on other occasions.

Every Wednesday, dating coach Yu Xu and producer Julie Kraffick, both of “active daters changed dating sociologists,” explore a different angle of dating, be it virtual sex, ghosts, the #MeToo era or via Stem Play Is derived from For five years, Xu and Krawfik have not only documented modern dating, interviewed therapists and daters, but also found themselves the healthiest and happiest way in your quest to connect. Joo and Krofik also go above and beyond average advice podcast hosting duties to make you feel alone in your current dating quandaries: recent episodes include “socially distant yet emotionally available,” and their Facebook group listeners Has become a private support community to navigate “Love in Corona’s time.“Special Livestream events tailored to the community and with Members Only Personal Dating Advice, These hosts are dedicated to the message that every single listener is truly worthy and deserving.

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