Re-opening New Jersey casinos hit by new restrictions

In New Jersey and the American casino operator, MGM Resorts International has reportedly postponed the reopening of its Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa after the eastern state decided to temporarily ban indoor smoking, dining, and drinking.

The 2,767-room property, along with eight other Atlantic City casinos, was temporarily closed on March 16 because of a corona virus pandemic threat, according to a Monday report by USA Today’s Associated Press. A little over 15 weeks later, the giant venue was reportedly planning to host a reopening event on Thursday only by invitation before regular gambling operations resumed on Monday under the auspices of a revised list of health and safety guidelines that include a 25% capacity cap.

Indefinite interruption:

However, the Associated Press reported that MGM Resorts International has now postponed these plans indefinitely after the governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy (pictured) ushered in the new bans related to corona viruses. The news service said the new restrictions should ban guests from Atlantic City casinos Smoking, eating or drinking on the field.

According to reports, you’re reading a statement from the Las Vegas-based operator …

“Our guests expect a special experience when they come to us. If we can’t offer that level of hospitality, we think it’s best that we stay closed until the governor tells us it’s safe to offer food and drink. The health and safety of our employees and guests is the focus of our actions and we regret that we are currently unable to welcome the thousands of employees eager to return to work. We look forward to a time when it is safe to welcome everyone back. ”

Previous example:

Steve Callender, President for The New Jersey Casino AssociationThe news service reportedly announced that many other Atlantic City casinos may now follow Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa’s leadership if they choose to do so delay their planned reopening on July 2nd. He reportedly proclaimed thatSmoking is very bad for casinos“, As evidenced by a similar short-lived ban in 2008 that resulted in a dramatic drop in gaming revenue.

Basic protective measures:

Even so, Murphy has reportedly insisted that the new restrictions are necessary to prevent The Garden State from suffering a second major outbreak of the highly contagious coronavirus strain. The democratic leader reportedly cited spikes in other states as well as anecdotal evidence that indicated many New Jersey residents did not wear masks or have been Failure to comply with social distance protocols.

According to reports, you’re reading a statement from Murphy …

“Unfortunately the national scene reinforced by cases of ankle head behavior here at home ask us for the foreseeable future to take a break when restarting indoor dining. I don’t think it’s about days, it’s about weeks. But we have enormous sympathy The alternative here is worse and unacceptable. ”

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