Running Is a Total Body Affair

The majority of this research comes from the brain and lab of Professor of Human Evolutionary Anatomy at Harvard University and Daniel Lieberman, author of the new book “Exercise”, which delays exercise and development. First, most of his and other scientists work related to the development and focused walking on the lower body, as the feet play such a clear part of how we get from one place to another.

But Dr. Lieberman was also interested in the upper bodies of the runners and, in particular, their heads. As a long-time marathon runner, he knew that a steady head is crucial to a successful race, but not necessarily a simple thing to achieve. Running Proper. You push, get up and then brake vigorously against the ground with every stride, placing a force on your head that can flop it uncontrollably, like a bobbing ponytail.

How we manage to hold our head steady, however, is not entirely clear. Like most cursing species, or animals that walk, including dogs and horses, we have a well-developed nuclear ligament, a tissue that connects the skull and neck. It does not occur in species that are not natural runners, such as apes or pigs.

When he was a young scientist, Drs. As Lieberman recalled, he lured pigs – who are ineffective runners – onto the treadmill to study their biomechanics. Dr. Lieberman and his colleagues were forced to conclude that they were gagging their heads when they were forced to run, to conclude that they lacked a depressed ligament, which was produced by physical studies Had happened.

But we humans also have the challenge of standing on two legs. Possibly to balance ourselves while running, we started at some point to swing our arms. Dr. Lieberman speculated that the swing of the hand helped stabilize our head. But, if so, there must be coordination between the muscles in our fore-arms and shoulders, he thought, even though these muscles do not physically connect. They would need to fire simultaneously and with comparable force while running, if they were to succeed in stabilizing our heads.

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