Sheldon Adelson to pay employees benefits and payroll through October

Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas Sands Corporation has announced to Las Vegas employees that employees will continue to receive wages and benefits through the end of October. A letter was sent on Wednesday describing the challenges facing employees when the coronavirus started and continued in Nevada. Although the company sees negative effects of the virus, Adelson will continue to help its employees.

Personal challenges:

In the letter, Adelson spoke about the challenges facing employees such as caring for older relatives or losing a job with a spouse. There is also uncertainty about whether the children will return to school. The mix of these challenges has made life difficult for many of the company’s employees.

The company is said to have paid the 10,000 employees of the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas their full salaries and benefits during the nationwide closure in Nevada. The Las Vegas Sands Corporation owns the Venetian and the Palazzo together with the Sands Expo & Convention Center.

Big drop in sales:

The company supplied its employees at a time when most casinos fired or took leave. For the Las Vegas Sands Corp., the company saw one 97% decline in revenue during the closing period. The company reported for three months to June $ 98 million in sales. This is much lower than that $ 3.3 billion earned in the same period in 2019.

Both employees and people in general praised Adelson for the decision. The employees were happy with the payments and benefits because they were unemployed. Twitter users also praised Adelson and called him an honorable man. Many users said they would book a vacation in Adelson real estate as soon as they go on a trip.

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