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Whether you are serving cocktails, wine or water, pouring drinks from a strike café makes it feel a bit more special.

Brittany Hart said, “I keep one on my desk because I like it to bring a little personality.” husband wife, A Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm, with her husband, Justin Capuco. “It’s a dual purpose to be beautiful and to remind me of my healthy duty and to drink some water as the day progresses.”

Ms. Hart’s office café, a vintage piece by Gabriella Crispy that she found in Milan, reminds her of her journey. But he and Mr. There are also a lot of other cars at Capuco’s house, which he deploys during dinner parties, when no epidemic intervenes.

“We’ll just put all of them on the table,” she said. “Every two people get one. This is a good, informal way of serving water. “

And whether your café is ready at the dining table, desk or night stand, it hits the fridge or tap. “It really makes my day a little better,” Ms. Hart said, “every day.”

  • Is Carf Fixed? If it would be used on a desk on a computer or with a dining table shared with children, look for one with a wide, heavy floor to protect it from accidental falls, Ms. Hart suggested.

  • Should it coordinate with your drinking glasses? Not necessarily. “It doesn’t have to be part of a suite of glassware,” she said, or even matches other cafes on the table.

  • Is glass the best material? Sure, the glass is good, Ms. Hart said, “but a ceramic piece is also amazing.”

Toyo-Sasaki Glass to Glass Cafe

$ 61: 212-539-0200 at SHW or

Handblown Seeded Glass Cafe with Cup

$ 68 at Sir / Madam: 718-797-8758 or

Matte-black ceramic carafe

About $ 56 at Home Depot: 800-466-3337 or

Wide-Bottom Handlebown Glass Cafe

Hey $ 12: 833-849-3025 or

Florated Borosilicate-Glass Cafe by Felicia Ferron

$ 180 at fferrone: 310-804-5485 or

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