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When you need more light in a room, but you don’t want to hire an electrician to install a hard-wired fixture and have no place to put a table lamp, there is a simple fix: a clamp. Lamp.

Located on the edge of a desk, bookshelf, wall shelf, headboard, or any other hard surface, it quickly lights up in a strange, dark corner.

“The real beauty lies in its versatility,” said Max Worrell, a partner at a New York-based architecture firm. Worrell Yeung. “It can be super focused on a task at a desk, but it also has the ability to shine more light or to spread light against the wall. It is really compelling. “

Even the famous architect Louis Barragan used artistic clamp lamps Mexico city home, Mr. Worrell noted, where he provided adjustable lighting on shelves, tables and walls.

With a clamp lamp, “the function of light can be adapted to the individual,” he said, no matter “how they want to experience the light.”

  • How adjustable is it? Different models slide, swivel and articulate in different ways, Mr. Worrell said, so consider whether the lamp has enough flexibility for your needs.

  • Where is the switch? “Sometimes the switch is on the cord, which can be a bit problematic,” he said. “Others have this socket.”

  • Is the clamp big enough? “Some have more than a binder-clip-type attachment,” Mr. Worrell said, “which may be limited.” Screw-based models offer a larger bite.

LED Clamp Lamps by Industrial Facility for Wastberg

$ 205 in horn: 877-404-6763 or

Adjustable steel lamp designed by Bernard-Albine Grass in 1921

$ 520 from YLighting: 855-548-9339 or

Lamp with bone-china shadow

Original BTC $ 299: 646-759-9007 or

Steel clamp lamp with optional wall mount

About $ 16 at IKEA: 888-888-4532 or

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