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A daybed is a multifunctional piece of furniture that solves a lot of problems, especially in a small house: in a remote-work space, it can serve as a couch or an ottoman. And when you have guests overnight, it turns the same place into a bedroom.

But choosing the right one can be difficult, because daydreams vary widely. Some are designed to hold a mattress, while others look like extra-deep benches.

Key said Ryan Saghian, A designer based in Los Angeles, “think about what you want to use it for” – and where you would put it.

“I use them all, when I do large living spaces, to connect two separate seating areas,” Mr. Saghian said. In that case, he favors a smooth, bench-less, without armrest or back, open during the day.

He also uses them in small bedrooms, dens, studies and media rooms, where they provide additional seating in the daytime and additional sleeping space at night.

Pillows, piled with throw pylos, “resemble a good chase or bench,” Mr. Saghian said. But put the pillow on the floor and “it turns into a bed.”

  • Should there be a weapon and a back in a day? It depends on how you are going to use it, Mr. Saghian said. A debut with back support can easily act as a chase longue.

  • What is the ideal seat height? At least 16 inches – and “should never go more than 18 inches.”

  • How many pillows should go up? “A lot,” Mr. Saghian said. “I don’t want it to look like a bankruptcy – I want it to look like a luxurious couch.”

Placed 365 ° North for WON with integrated side table

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