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Weddings along the packed dance floor have become a thing of the past as indoor occupancy continues to be limited, especially in many states due to the coronovirus epidemic. This means that couples will have to find some other creative ways to keep their guests safely entertained and engaged.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are 10 fun games and activities that you can include in a socially distant wedding reception.

Love venu? Jennifer Cress, Director of Digital Content Martha Stewart Weddings, Suggests that guests give several samples of your favorite wines during cocktail hour. And if you want to spice things up, blindfold the tasting and let the contestants guess whether the wine is red or white, its country of origin, what year the wine was born, and the grape variety.

Allow friends and family to showcase their hidden skills at an old-school talent show. Tell them ahead of time to encourage guests to participate – on your wedding invitation, for example – so that they can prepare. Ana Bowens and Benjamin Schenk, both 30, hosted a talent show at their wedding in Brooklyn in November. Nearly half of their guests attended, including the groom’s sisters, who tap-danced, and “two friends sang snippets from songs singing the different stages of our relationship,” Ms. Bowens said. “We presented an award to the most influential personal protective equipment ensemble, which went to a friend who wore an unformed mask and helmet.”

Hiring someone to do tarot card readings is a fun activity that allows for social distance. Expect to pay around $ 150 to $ 300 per hour. You can find tarot card readers in your area To bark.

A retreat for the party game Mad Libus, this activity gives guests the opportunity to recommend you wedding in a clever format. You can order a customized guest libs design via Hello Rose Paper on Etsy ($ 3.75) And then print the copies yourself. Etsy shop owner Brenda Garcia said guest libs also “serve as an awkward keeper for newlyweds.”

Regardless of the intent of every good man and honor, wedding speeches can be a bore. One way to keep guests busy is to play speech bingo. When guests hear a specific phrase in a speech (“looks stunning,” “raise a glass,” “on a serious note”), they inscribe it on their card, and the first person to fill the bingo board and ” Bingo “shouts” wins. Alex Dulac said, “It’s definitely not just for Grandpa.” Dip, A wedding website for the groom. “It can be very competitive. It is social and everyone knows the rules. “You can order downloadable bingo cards with 10 different layouts, via OhHappy Printables on Etsy ($ 6.92) Belongs to.

Test your guests’ wedding-themed trivia with this table-side game. You can purchase a downloadable quiz from Print GoGo on Etsy ($ 8.37) Belongs to. Round 1 has questions such as, “‘Get Me to the Church on Time” is a song written and written for music? “And” Name the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Cupid? “The winner gives a lovely prize, like a bag of Hershey ‘kisses.

How well do your friends and family know you? You’ll find out during a game, she said, the shower at Etsy was designed by ThreadbrideShop ($ 4) Belongs to. The game asks guests to match quotes such as “I met the in-laws first” and “I take longer to get ready” for the groom or groom.

It is a popular play at wedding receptions, and for good reason – it is a lot of laughs. Newly married couples sit on chairs that are in the back so that they cannot see each other. The two take off their shoes and hand them over to a partner. Then an MC asks a series of questions, and each spouse picks up their spouse’s shoe, based on which their tendency is being described. Some examples: “Who screams the loudest?” “Who takes more than half of the bed?” “Who’s more romantic?”

Send guests home with a special party favor to hire a caricature artist to make funny sketches. Some artists, such as Julia Kelly of San Diego, allow couples to create and print a personalized wedding logo that will appear on each caricature. Caricaturists charge, on average, $ 100 to $ 200 per hour for events.

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