Top 5 Strategies To Implement At Online Poker Tables

Online poker table
Online poker table

Top 5 Strategies To Implement At Online Poker Tables

Online Poker Tables: Playing against only one opponent requires a different set of strategies and skills than a multi-player Poker table. No matter if you are playing a Ring game or a tournament, as you wager real money, you need to put extra effort reading the opponent and the dynamic situation at the game table. Along with the basic knowledge of how to play cards, it is also important to learn how to analyze the situation quickly in order to form and modify strategies and tactics. 

Timing is the key. An online Poker platform is the best place to showcase your skills of deception, observation, strategic planning, and decision making. 

Online poker table
Online poker table

Don’t want to be a punching bag for your opponent? Learn how to implement the below-mentioned Strategies in your next Texas Hold’em game – 

Aggression –

The attack is the best defence. Passive playing can make you lose all of your precious chips within a few hands. Contrary to what most Poker books say, you have to play even the poor/average hands dealt with you. The more aggressive you play pre-flop, the more pressure you put on the opponent. The display of fearlessness and invulnerability can make the opponent lose his confidence and ultimately put him on tilt

Eagle eye

Keeping a close eye on the opponent’s behaviour and tendencies are essential. Pay attention to how he bets, how much time he takes to choose the action, his chip stake, how he reacts to 3+ or 4+ raises,  etc to figure out his strategies and possible moves. You can find out tells to predict the strength of his hand and develop a strategy accordingly.

Level of skills

Your understanding of your opponent’s level of experience and game knowledge gives you an additional advantage over him. If he is a newbie or a recreational player, you can easily spot his weaknesses and adjust your strategies accordingly. It is also crucial to find out his playing style (tight-passive/loose-passive/tight-aggressive/loose-aggressive) to determine his betting pattern and find a technique to employ against him.

Plan B

Always keep a mix of strategies in your arsenal. There must always be a quicksilver backup plan ready to implement as per the situation on the table.  If your playing style is static in every hand, your opponent can read your strategies easily and develop a plan to beat you. To avoid this, you need to learn how to switch your game up in the blink of an eye to keep him always guessing. You can even try limping with a premium hand to make him build the pot or raise/reraise with a poor hand to make him fold.   

Use Position 

The small blind is the best position to play between the two in the game post-flop. You can see how your opponent acts in the Turn and Flop round, and develop the perfect strategy to bust him. Limping preflop is considered the best way to ensure controlling the pot post-flop. If you are possessing premium cards, you can raise the blinds 3 or 4 times.  If you are at the big blind position, it is preferable to play tight if you are holding a weak hand.  

Remember that your every decision at the table must be based on pot odds. After the flop, act only as per the odd of forming the best hand. 

An online Poker game assures one thing – unlimited action! Freeroll Poker In India is gaining huge popularity among the masses as they allow players to learn the fundamentals without wagering money at the tables. After acquiring the desired level of knowledge and skills, they can switch to play cash games and tournaments.

If you are looking for something thrilling and exciting to feed the creative part of your brain, Poker is the perfect game for you!

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