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Welcome. The Super Bowl Is on Sunday, and like these days, It looks different from previous years‘: Players tested daily, the stadium is filled with just one-third of the capacity, fans socialized away and wearing masks.

Whether you are tuning in for the game; For Half time performance of the weekendOn a platform set up in the stand to avoid player contact; Or to check out Preshoo with Miley Cyrus and Amanda Gorman, experience in the home should be relatively low.

Dr. Anthony Fauci advised fans to “just reduce and cool it down” when asked about Super Bowl parties. So We’ll see with our homesBelow, our scale Snack studia, Use the seven-layer dip recipe. This year Puppy bowl If your scene is high then it will be hosted by Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.

I can skip television events altogether and plan a vaccine visit sometime later. Stephanie Rosenbloom has a nice story Art of travel and anticipation, In which he spoke to a psychology professor about the benefits of taking a trip after staying for some time:

When we start traveling again at home after months, we will experience the possibility that Drs. What Dunn refers to as a “happiness reset” – this can result in a mild, inexpensive holiday that will give us extreme pleasure.

A “happiness reset” sounds great right now, right? If you can’t plan a trip, consider the Netflix series.Street food. “Paulette Hadman from Binghamton, NY, writes that the show is” attractive not only for street food and their respective cultural contexts, but for its light on humanity and perseverance. “

Making a Cake Every Friday from Yossy Arefi’s Cookbook “Snacking cakeRuth Taper is in Newton, Mass. Ruth Baldwin in Ontario advises Fredrick backmanThe novelWorried people, Beautifully written and “so suitable for this difficult time”. “Nancy Demach in Powell, Ohio, Never Fails to Laugh Out Loud Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” monologue From last night.

Vicky Kohl in Olathe, Kan., Attending Saturday-Eve Facebook Live concerts Musician Kelly Hunt. Hritam Mukherjee “feels a strange feeling of reassurance and ‘well-being’ in Kolkata, India” Vivaldi’s “Winter” Senville’s “Marriage D’Amore” And Pachelbel’s Canon in D, All on YouTube. Sarah Miller at Mt. Horeb, Wis., Spent his childhood by borrowingFraggle Rock“DVDs from the library to share with your children.

  • Speaking of parenting, “Don’t miss” the Timesprimal ScreamSeries, Examining the effects of epidemics on working mothers.

  • My heart was open and broken and I listened with hope Bengans sing about their epidemic experience In Dayton, Ohio, “The go going song“:” And I hope you’ve seen a lot / really great television / like, a lot! / And I hope you find a hand lotion / that really makes your skin feel better, “he sings, touching on the elements of quarantine, both practical and intense.

  • And take a minute to visit the Science Museum Group “Never seen” collection. Every time you refresh This webpage, You’re served a picture of an object from one of the UK’s science-centric museums that has zero views, so you’re the first to see it (online, anyway).

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