The Agency at the Center of America’s Tech Fight With China

“When you start reaping the capital gains that can flow into R&D, many of them coming from the huge Chinese market, you really undermine our ability to stay at the tip of the spear in terms of semiconductor innovation. Do, ”said Mr. Nefer.

“A sense of urgency in recent years led our leadership to make decisions without reference to the industry,” Rhodium Group founding partner Daniel H. Rosen said. If we do not consider commercial interests and national security interests then we will not serve American interests.

The bureau administration has already moved into the political arena surrounding the bureau. In his confirmation hearing in January, Gina Raymondo, the new Secretary of Commerce, drew criticism from Republicans when she Refused to To place Huawei on the bureau’s unit list. Ms Raymondo later said that she would use the entity list “to its full effect”, and that Huawei and ZTE should be on the list.

Ms. Raymondo took her oath of office this month, with the Biden administration considering candidates to head the Bureau of Industry and Safety. It has become a controversial process, a sort of proxy battle between business advisors, industry groups, and lawmakers on both sides for the future of the United States’ technological strategy.

One early contender, Kevin Wolf, a partner in the international business group at the law firm Akin Gump, has participated in resistance to some China hawkers in Washington in their industry relations. Mr. Wolf, who was previously an assistant secretary in the bureau, issued sanctions against ZTE. He Has argued consistently Restrictions that are vague and unpredictable can “harm a lot of interests designed to protect”

But critics have found fault in their work on behalf of the industry since leaving the government, including consulting clients allowed under Mr. Trump’s regulations, and licensing their customers to supply products to Huawei and SMIC Trying to achieve.

Mr. Wolf said he had only helped companies understand the new regulations, as do other export control attorneys, and that it was the Trump administration that gave a new license to companies to supply products to listed entities Was responsible for creating the process.

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