The Freestyle Ski Star Eileen Gu Has a Warning About TikTok Diets

My natural hair color is dark brown. I dyed it for the first time in my freshman year, and I got the highlight. It was very natural, but every time I got the highlight, I added more and I got lighter and lighter and I went blonde, and that was not what I wanted. Then I dyed my hair black, and it was so dark that it was almost blue. This was my emo phase!

Recently I started exposing it again. I don’t want to go full blonde. It tastes just a little bit. When I get my hair done, I always ask for a darker conditioner. My favorite to use at home, however, is TRESemm√©. I have tried to do everything differently – also keratin therapy – but I like that.

Diet is something that I definitely think about as an athlete and a model. In both of my works, my body works. I haven’t talked about it very much, but last year I struggled with food. Not really slim if it’s compromising your strength. I am naturally very lean. I just wasn’t eating enough, or I wasn’t eating properly. I was counting calories and thinking about food all the time.

What happened was that during the early months of the epidemic, I was stuck on those Tickcock videos that were all disorders in the “What I ate today,” document! It wasn’t so much that I wanted to look like those girls, but I later realized that I was really getting influenced by them. I could see what the girls were eating, and then I felt very good at what I ate in a day! A girl was eating, for example, a piece of white bread a day.

The thing is that these days the culture of being a teenage girl – not even in the modeling or ski industry – is very competitive. At home, I can eat my mac and cheese in the school lunchroom, and some girl will be shaking her salad next to me. Or if everyone is eating a Caesar salad, the conversation is “Oh, I’m eating the same salad but with no croutons.” And then someone else would say, “Oh, I’m eating a salad without croutons, And I am taking out avocado. “

It was a big moment for me, growing up with social media and Tiktok, to realize that something was wrong. I am sponsored by Red Bull, and they assigned me a nutritionist. Now I do FaceTime once a month. When I was in Austria, I just did a blood test and everything looked great. I definitely eat more now – I’m 5-foot-8 and 120 pounds – and I’m eating about 2,000 calories a day. This is actually a maintenance level for me, and then sometimes I need to eat more.

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