The Great Pandemic Wedding Boom

If the world is ending, who do you want from your side?

Nancy Townsend selected Herb Thomas: a man he met for lunch in early March, whom he encountered later that month, dined (in the street) in April and the week after Easter Got engaged They married on September 6, 2020, at Harriet Worthill Park in Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

“We felt like we didn’t have time to waste,” said Ms. Townsend, 66, a widowed Cemented Salvation Army officer.

That and everyone else, apparently.

During the epidemic it was even more difficult to snatch a married marriage license than to be used for toilet paper, as singles hold a person by their side and cling to them for better or worse.

Obtaining marriage license in New York is now done through Project Cupid, This includes trying to fill in the paperwork online and illuminating a virtual appointment (new spots are released at 9 am Thursday).

Historically, scary, stressful times have increased marriage rates. After Hurricane Hugo of South Carolina, Marriage rates increased In areas affected by the storm (these numbers were previously trending downward). After the 9/11 attacks, the marriage rate did not change, but couples were less willing to divorce: The Number Couples in New York who filed for divorce fell 32 percent. A similar situation followed in Japan after the 2011 tsunami.

The epidemic was no different. According to October brides’ Survey Of the 4,000 couples involved, 82 percent said living through the epidemic made them even more eager to get married so that they could get together this season – and other storms – together. Fifty-five percent said that the epidemic changed their expectations for marriage, and that they are putting their relationship above anything else.

This is not surprising, said Rebecca Hane, a licensed professional clinical consultant in Cincinnati. When you are afraid, anxious or overwhelmed, you feel out of control. Ms. Honey said that your body and mind are experiencing sensations.

“So to compensate for this feeling, people find other ways to feel in control,” she said. “That’s why some people make big changes or big decisions in times of fear.”

Getting married during an epidemic seems like a guarantee of safety and stability, said Nick Bognor, a licensed marriage and family doctor in California.

There is also the idea that if your relationship can survive an epidemic, it can survive anything. Couples have been trapped inside for smaller locations for months under major dures.

“This year has been the ultimate test of a relationship, so I’ve seen couples who come up to me for an engagement ring and say, ‘Well, if we still had the worst nine months to cohabit together Even after we love and respect each other in our lives, then we know she or he was the one, ”said Michelle Demary, who couples shopping for engagement rings through her site helps to, Miss diamond ring. Ms DeMarie said that she has had a 20 percent increase in couples contacting about engagement and buying wedding rings since the epidemic began.

“I have seen some couples who have met during the epidemic and have not known each other for a long time, but who are now engaged,” she said.

May be in new york Attempted Many were unsuccessful in getting married during the epidemic, but for delaying marriage licenses being issued in the city, coupled with the assault of couples who wanted them.

Jocelyn Voo, a 38-year-old photographer Ever studioThere was an attempt to obtain an online marriage license in Manhattan in May, but she could get an appointment as soon as possible. She married on November 6, 2020 on the front steps of the New York Public Library.

“I didn’t want to stop my life,” Ms. Wu said.

Yonkers, NY, where many New Yorkers raced after hearing that the marriage license had not been returned, with 70 percent more licenses issued in 2020 Compared to 2019, Yonkers City Clerk, Vincent Spano said. They are now limiting marriage licenses to emergency medical workers and those offering “a really good reason”, as Mr. Spano said, that they can barely marry Yonkers residents who want to get married.

Backups are being seen across the country.

The Pulkaski Circuit County clerk said Little Rock, Ark., Marriage licenses increased by 28 percent at the end of March 2020, compared to the same time in 2019 as Terry Hollingworth.

“Everything was shutting down, and they didn’t care. They were in love, you just had to put on masks, ”Ms. Hollingsworth said.

Certified public accountant Stacey Estep was an epidemic bride in Sugarland, Texas. Ms. Estep said she had always envisioned a big, traditional wedding, complete with a church ceremony, dance and a mass reception after a long honeymoon in Hawaii and Bora Bora.

Instead, she welcomed 16 people to a small ceremony and small reception in September, and she and her husband spotted nearby Austin for a mini honeymoon.

“What became clear to us is the important thing that we get married,” Ms. Estep said. “It was not about a big party, or 100 people around us. We did not want to wait any longer. We just wanted to get married. “

Jewelers are working overtime to prepare for the rush of weddings. Dan Moran, a private jeweler with Concierge Diamonds in Los Angeles, said the engagement season in 2019 was at least 30 percent.

This Christmas was Mr. Moran’s busiest, Mr. Moran said. “Many of my clients are saying things like, ‘The epidemic forced them to reassure me what was important in their lives,’ and that they didn’t want to wait for their lives to begin anymore.” . “

The fear that psychologists describe as a “need to close”, or an all-too-human thirst for certainty and order, said Jamie Holmes, a science writer and author of the book, “Nonsense: The Power Off not out. ” When we are afraid, we try to get rid of the uncertainties in our lives, and for couples, this means establishing some sort of final state, Mr. Holmes explained.

“If two people are optimistic about each other, the epidemic may eventually lead them to take the leap and get married,” Mr. Holmes said. “If they are pessimistic, they can divorce.”

In general, there can be uncertainty and look very dangerous, he said.

“But in a romantic context, a new commitment or a clean slate can be amazing,” Mr. Holmes said. “It all depends: Does your personal life need a fresh start?”

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